Mounts update crashes every 10 minutes

On playing on pve-c server and downloaded new update when it released a few hours ago. It keeps crashing. It’s crashed so many times that all I have done in the game in 2 hours is make the new redeemed silent armor, place a thrall, and teleport to dregs. Please fix soon.


Hello @KudosDude, does the game crash during specific actions or at random?

Does it also occur in single player or in other servers?

Same here its crashed every time so far, tried single player and pve_c. Happened first when tried to roll away from wolf on pve_c then tried loading into single player and crashed as i ran up to grab foal

Usually an action. Either opening thralls inventory or carpenters bench. If I perform any action inside my bases it will crash. For the most part away from my bases I was able to play.


i have the same problems. happened 3 times while deleting my useless thralls, when i open their inventory

Happens same with me as well why does this happen. Its happening at random times in the game and when I go into my thrall inventory

Crash, crash, crash trying to delete all my thralls and it keeps crashing when i open the wheel to dismiss them. 45gb update and no fixes to the constant crashing on Xbox. If it is the thralls causing the crashes then implement the limit sooner rather later

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Crashes getting into my inventory, thrall inventory, placing things.

Its definitely thrall inventory menu’s. Everytime i open one it crashes me back to the dashboard.

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Thank you for the reports, the team will be looking into this matter.


It is not the thralls/pets inventory. I get kicked every 20 minutes while building structures. :frowning:

Continuing notices. It crashes on my system as well. Usually when deleting thralls. 3 times. As of now.

My single player crashes every time now … that was my only savour for getting into official … I have dashboard 7 -8 times now trying to get into a game :woman_shrugging:

Just had delete my old single player that I was so proud of … in hope of it helping the problem :cry:

its not your single player game which is buggy, its the game itself. we just have to wait for a fix, hopefully anytime soon.

its always the same, always was and always will be: never play on patchday xDD

Lets hope that works, i dont think it will as my single player has maybe two hours of game time and it keeps crashing.

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I crash every 20 to 25 mins and I do it just by standing still or running check I cant even open some of my gates at all as well gotta take them down and put back up its it’s annoying and very frustrating I want to play but cant this is ridiculous

I get the same after about 10-15 minutes in the game will crash on single player. And it seems it happens more often after opening a Thrall inventory

Guess I’m newest member of crash squad , was fine until update but now can’t last 7 mins on official PVP.
edit: tried playing the game for multiple hours before giving up, the game is completely unplayable for me , the game plays for 15 mins max and doing anything at all reduces the time.


I keep crashing and im not doing anything just talking to my friend about the update

What version of Xbox are you guys running? OneX, OneS, Original One?