Games crashing every 5 mins on xbox series s and x since 3.0 update!

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series S
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:

Game crashes at our base within 2 - 5 minutes of logging in or arriving at base. We have less than 6500 building pieces, about 600 placeables, but have 170 geared thralls. The game crashes no matter what kind of xbox is being used, it will crash on all (xbox one, xbox series s, xbox series x. None of my clan can stay in base longer than 2 - 5 mins without crashing, this has been happening since 3.0 update

Bug Reproduction:

Log in to base or arrive at base, with in 2 - 5 minutes game crashes (standing in one place shortens the time before it crahses), relaunch game, cant skip beginning intro, quit game, reload game, now repeat these steps everytime we log in or arrive at the base

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Why so many? Are you expecting an attack from a small army?

How about considering the other players on the server as it is official? That many thralls is bound to cause problems.

I am playing on an official server with a Series X and have had no such issues maybe because my builds and thrall count are always taking into account other players and just building / adding thralls when needed and definitely not in excess.

You also have a Series S, they are not much better than a One X so that would also cause issues.

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So many thralls? We are within the limit of thralls which is 200 for 10 man clan. This crashing never occurred before the sorcery update. My clanmates on the xbox series x are crashing more often than others on the series s, the consoles are pretty close to same specs besides the disk drive, storage capacity, and a few other minor differences, so what you said doesn’t make any sense

I understand you are on PVP and have a need for a small army. Cool. The console versions are the same as the PC version as regards limits, there are none, more thralls equals more processing power needed, both your end and the server, if most of the exiles on your server also have small armies then that is a lot of load on the server, I imagine that PC players have to have a pretty beefy system to run those sort of numbers of thralls, consoles are just not up to the task, Series S more so than the Series X.

You didn’t pay attention to what he said :man_facepalming:t2: tons of people are having this crashing issue and thralls and all that have nothing to do with it. I’ve been getting issues ever since sorcery dropped it was far from ready to be added to Conan. These so called “bug fixes” fix nothing and make things worse.


Same here, crashes constantly and has been regardless of the number of Thralls.


Same here, Funcom missed the opportunity to polish some issues before releasing 3.0 Sorcery Update.

My List of items to be Polished:

1.Fix screen locking when interacting with chests, or thralls.

2.Fix BattlePass/Challenges tabs which often freeze game.

3.Fix Sorcery in solo mode. Freezes very high reproducibility.

Approaching Bases on horseback can cause crashing, even walking can cause crashing on Official.
Climbing. We all know the problem.
Undead Horses from BattlePass experience Ownership Error, requiring relogging to re-establish ownership with Funcom Live. This can require multiple logins on Official. Oh horrible rendering now when you look away from a thrall or self, and look back…etc. etc. adnauseum.

Issues were almost non-existent before 3.0.

Not trying to hijack your thread @Hunt3rx9x , just sharing solidarity, and venting people are just leaving, I don’t mind buying items, just make the game stable. Too many instances of freezing this is getting ridiculous. It was an amazing stable game before 3.0.

PS4 internal HD, hardwired internet, 300 GB free. solo play, under 20 thralls, small base, Stuttered Freezing when interacting with chests, and thralls constantly.
Gave up on Online play weeks ago.

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