Could we get 1 night without a server crash?

Come on, you guys can do better than this…#1944 has nightly crashes for the last 2 weeks. get with it.

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Those are daily restarts.

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I play on an official server and have yet to experience any crashes of late. There are restarts at regular times but you can usually log back in soon after.

are you sure? do you know this server?

there are occasionally crashes on different official servers, maybe it has todo with the high usage of some, maybe it’s some unknown bug, it can happen from time to time

usually servers restart at 6:10am (gmt+2 / utc+2) , you will get a couple of warnings starting at 6am and therefor be able to get in a safe place

Server #1744 has crashed nightly. It could be an issue with gportal.

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It’s the design of the DB/SQL/Persistence, or lack thereof. Definitely some flawed logic. Don’t blame G-Portal from what I can tell they are doing an amazing job of hosting this game, great hardware. Definitely not their fault.

They are also rolling out test branch for their servers.

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I play on a sever with you. I actually did some research and had to adjust my position. The error seems to be occurring on private servers as well. I read the above post. Also the error occurring before the crash seems to be information related. Similar issues occurred in Ark when players tried to transfer characters with too much data/ sigils across multiple servers.

Gportal seems to be doing the best they can and the issue is probably what you say, the code.

Ya I’ve pretty much given up on playing on #1744 because of the crashes every night, my clan of 7 is just me now… sad times. Everyone stopped playing on Official because of the crashes, even when we had so much stuff.

Oh well, I will continue my Trump wall when I can stone tools and cloth are easy to replace =), perhaps if we break the server good enough they will be forced to fix it.

We need G-Portal to not be able to fix it, then they will contact Funcom and be like hey we cannot fulfill our contractual obligations with this server you need to do something. I’m thinking like 5k+ fish traps might do it.

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