Could you do more Speedos please?

Is there any chance I could get more speedos? It shouldn’t be hard to recolour the existing models and include yellow, purple, orange, rainbow, metalics in all the colours, leather and translucent?
Ok, maybe not the last one… but you could do all the others and sell them for 1000 MoF a piece.

As an aditional suggestion, you could apply some recolours to the mankini too (please?).

This is a very important suggestion as I don’t wear pants (for motives).



Speedos just for male characters? And what do the female characters get?? Just speedos for men is a sexist request. We’re in the 21st century now, we want equality.

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Women already have a variety of bikini bottoms although more is better

They all have ruffles. I hate ruffles >(

Giving us the shorts that some of Inbeda’s bathhouse attendants are wearing would be a start.


Wait I would also vote for translucent, don’t take that off the request!


Scratch the Mankini and I’m with you on this including the translucent speedos.

Although more clothes in general would be nice. Even if they are just recolours.

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Only if every male PC in the vicinity (who is wearing one) has a dong slider you can adjust at your leisure.


Another use for the plastic surgeon in NY?

I thought the point of the rebrand was to introduce the very successful dong-slider?! The combat system was too hard and the lack of dongs hurt the experience or something like that.
I’m all for more speedos even though I usually wear pants or my hakama, blue ofc!

I love you so much for this answer Svella! So! Much! :joy: