Craft Stations Not Working

I have a player on my server that suddenly can not use any crafting station in game. There are no recipes and is unable to start any crafting. He has all the necessary feats & attributes, has not done anything different than any other player on our server (we all have complete access to crafting tables.)

He has taken the following steps to rectify:

Complete shut down of game & steam - verify all updates
Validated files
Potion feat and attribute respect
Fresh install of game.
Created new benches and placed them
His self inventory only allows him to create stone tools.

Any and all ideas are appreciated. He can not use his or anyone elses tables.

Not much come to mind, but has he made sure that his crafting filtering is set to “All” + all crafting categories are ticked?

Is it a private server with mods?
If so, it could be some sort of mess up in his mod order, I am almost 100% sure that the problem is on his computer/game.

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Yes, it is a private server with mods. He is the only one on the server experiencing the issue. He is a long time player and has done a clean install of the game.

We ended up deleting his character and having him create a new character. Readmitting him into the guild gave him his stuff back. And than I (Admin) gave him all his attributes and feats and levels etc. back. Everything seems to work now.

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Odd things happen :thinking:. My first thought was similar to @Frillen but I couldn’t explain since I play in consoles and I have different button configuration. I am happy you find the solution even this way, yet it would be nice to fix a small report and put it in the pc bug section. This is one of the reasons people must play on at least one private server. Way to go @RedMedusa1313, you really care for your people, Bravo :+1:t6:

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