Crafted Shield Health damage stays the same no matter what Armorer Thrall is used to make it

I made an Epic Yamatai shield using all 3 types of Tier 4 Armorer thralls and noticed it is always a 39 Health Damage same as not using any thralls for the crafting of it. Not sure if it is an oversight or an issue with the way that the Armorer Thralls “buff” the items that they make only being able to increase Armor Value, Weight and Durability. If that is the case since shields are in the weapons menu for the Armorer workstation maybe they can get moved to the Blacksmith where for example the T4 Bladesmith can buff the health damage.


I was always wandering why the shield is fixed by the armorer and not the blacksmith?
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Health damage is a stat on shields who’s purpose was only in the head of whichever dev thought it up and it never came to be a stat that actually mattered.

The only stats that matter are weight (for encumbrance purposes), durability (number of blocks), temperature resistance, and any attribute increases. Outside of those, shields are identical across the board.


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