Shieldwright bonuses nerfed?

I finally got a shieldwright and redid my light armor and each piece only went up 2 to 3 points? Were they nerfed? Wow , not worth all the work to get one anymore then. :frowning:

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Every armorer should count and they shouldn’t have this great difference between them. Try to see it this way.

I noticed I had a difference with crafting a feroxic war axe on siptah. Both I and @Marylambs have one with a master weapon fitting, but mine has slightly more damage, but same pen. So, idk? Mine was made maybe a week or two prior to hers, but both were post-AOW chapter 2 release. Could be related? I’m not sure since I can’t remember the exact thrall I had in the blacksmith. I’m pretty sure they were both the same bladesmith. That’s why I recrafted mine when we got one. I find it hard to believe I’m getting more damage out of mine when hers was crafted with a bladesmith. That’s supposed to be the highest damage crafter.

That’s about right. Shieldwrights give an additional 20% to light armor from the other t4 armorers. Standard epic light armor is 80 for the full set and 20 % of that is 16 points or 3.2 points per piece.

Go with dragonbone or silent legion for light armor if armor is important. Their epic versions are twice the armor rating and that 20% changes to 32.

I swear befire update my same suit was at about 60% defense from armor and now barely over 40% so im thinking they nerfed my armor vs the shieldwright. Its a shame that light builds no longer very viable when in pvp situation. Everyone has to use spear n roll n poke to be competitive anymore. That has made combat less exciting.


Ok 160X2.2=352. If your have grit of 10 you got 120 more coming for 472. If you add bulk plating to each piece that is an additional 125 giving a total of 597. That’s 55%. But you got to use sl, dragonbone, or vagabond armors.

That sounds about right, but where did you get 162×2?

160 is the base armor for the better grouping of light armors (SL, Dragonhide, vagabond) . A shield wright does 120% additional armor for light armor (vs the 100% for the other 2 t4 types) 120% more is 220% total or 2.2X. So 160 X 2.2. Regular epic light armors are half that @ 80 armor. I have found that regular armors are good if you are doing something that minimizes one stat over the other. For instance, when harvesting supplies for my base I go with A15, V 15, G 10, E20 (pack mule version) the armor I select is higher stamina buff because my endurance took the grit and so I go that direction.

Thanks. I guess I’m stuck in heavy during pvp hours on my pvec server. The last update made this a necessity.

The stamina changes made it doable now. Don’t forget godbreaker pants that negates heavy armor stamina regen penalty.

I mean the only true negative is you get less dodges per stamina bar but with stamina recovery so quick you probably won’t notice it

I think they changed it to 1.0 for all armors.

Champion boots are a must have, since they negate cripple, which is heavily applied by most weapons (especially spear).

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