New Update PS4 Thrall Question

Hi folks

I understand that thralls have roles now. Like Armorers have the ability to add extra points to things like armor strength etc.

My question is are there any differences in values between thralls of the same class?

Like if I have two different armor strength bonus thralls, is there a thing where one thrall could put more points into armor strength than the next thrall??

Or do all thralls of the same class offer the exact same amount of points?

Does anyone have any comparative data?

Thralls with the same specialization will have the same bonus.

Thanks for the redirect. But my question was about values between thralls of the same class.

Like Shieldwright John and Shieldwright Jill, for example. On the same bench, will Jill add more points to crafted armor value than John?

Has anyone discovered any variation there? Compared values between say a purge version versus a regular tamed version thrall?

Only defacto evidence from the wiki that shows the same values per role. See the chart that says benefits. Armorer (thrall) - Official Conan Exiles Wiki Recipes

Ok thank you for this information

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