Am i wasting my time with thrall armor?

I have been going through looking at different armor sets for my thralls an figured before i go any further to test a +5 stamina piece of armor on one but nothing changed on them either stam or hit point wise.
Is it safe to assume the bonuses like stam or +strenth weap damage on armor pieces doesnt apply to them when they wear it?

Thralls do not have a stamina system at all, so it’s normal that +5 stamina wouldn’t do anything for them.
But the +str / hp / agi bonuses DO work for them :stuck_out_tongue:

(also, if you’re on PC and single player / your own private server, you can get my mod to see what each armor piece gives you before crafting it)


As far as i know, + stamina or + encumbrance will never add anything to Thralls as they do not have those stats. Attribute related weapon damage and health do have a bearing on their stats, though health bonuses on armor are far more noticeble on a player than on a thrall. A +100 total health on a 3k+ HP thrall is just a drop in the bucket, where 3k HP on a thrall is still on the lower end of what you could potentially get on a thrall.

The weapon damage however does work (and is worthwhile), i think. I haven’t tested on a level 20 thrall, but generally once i equip a thrall i decided i want to keep around with Warchief or Dark Templar armor they tend to down enemies (wights are my preferred test target) a bit faster i think.

Best bang for your buck however, is simply bumping up their armor rating as much as possible. Heavy armor with bulked plating, maybe whatever heavy headwear also adds protection from Gas attacks on pvp.


Good call, thanks for the replies to both of you, and quick replies at that!

+Follower damage will also do nothing, as followers do not have followers.


I always make redeemed legion armorset for every thrall.

Not only because of the high armor bonus, but also because it looks neat and I like to have my army in the same gear. Few pieces of this armorset give strength weapon bonus, which is nice. The others are good mostly for the armor value (made with shieldwright armorer), and are more easily made than for example godbreaker armorset.

I can imagine there is a better way to dress up your thralls, so they get maximum from bonuses they could have, but me myself don’t want them to look like from circus. :smiley: The same I don’t want to spend too much time picking and crafting for them some potential ideal combination.

It’s up to each person. :slight_smile:

Feel free to use my damage meter and test it :joy:
See? I have something for everything :rofl:
:snake: :oil_drum:


Console player, so i can’t fiddle with my game sadly =\ i just have to eyeball things and play vanilla…
Very nice addition though for PC players!

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Forgot about that one, good mention!

I just stripped Rethrous the Burdened of his armor stats didn’t change other than armor stats unless something is hidden. He has +18 with his first 2 level ups. @Bobothewizard

Ilusion. You can put whatever armor you want and make them look however you prefer.


My best Female friends get Transmog bench outfits super strong and cute

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In many situations, I feel like I’m the follower, and the NPC is the one who does most of the work. Why couldn’t I get the benefit from the thrall wearing a foreman’s outfit?

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