You have to dress 👔 20 Thralls, what would your choice be?

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I am looking for new armor for my Thralls, both companion and guards at my base and outposts. I play on PvE servers.
What is your choice after 3.0 is live and why?

  • For my followers I use the Voidforged Dragon Armor, except for the legs, were I replaced the stamina for health (Cimmerian Steel Tasset).
  • For my performers, who help me fight unwanted corruption from obelisks and entertain me, I got the Bejewelled set from the Debaucheries of Derketo DLC. They are not expected to fight.
  • For my guards at main base (T2 buildings) and outposts (T3 buildings) I have no idea what to craft, which attributes to look for.
    I still have not farmed Star Metal Ore, but can get my hands in plenty of Layered Leather and Hardened Steel.
    What should be a good option for archers and fighters? Most guards are Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers.

The Guardian set is a solid choice. +Strength damage all along. Give them greatswords, put a thrall pot with gruel in the base, done.

At least for most purges, the health pool of thralls is totally sufficient so as to not be killed while staggered by a combo.

I used T3 relic hunter archers with their basic equipment in base defense, and they did fine - their job was just to draw aggro and keep the enemy busy until my two main thralls and me arrived. They didn’t even get food.


And looks great also :star_struck:.
Thank you!


Oke, after some more reading, based on weapon damage, I will craft guards armor as shown as follow:

  • Base archers: Dark Templar.

  • Follower archer: Dark Templar (Epic).

  • Outpost archers: Stygian Soldier.

  • Base fighters: Guardian.

  • Follower fighters: Voidforged Dragon.

  • Outpost fighters: Ymir’s (from altar, and hopefully I will find a T4 priest).

That should keep me busy for a while :smile_cat: .

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It depends on whether you want to Transmog, though, right?

If you want my advice, for archers, I think the Hyrkanian Trousers (blue jeans) look super hot when combined with Dark Templar. It also makes them instantly distinguishable from other duders.


I am going to have to take a look at it! Thank you :blush:.


Yes. Hyrkanian jeans go so well with many outfits. They also take dyes pretty well so you can have some color to your base defenders, too. A great option for illusionizing.


You have to dress necktie 20 Thralls, what would your choice be?

Honestly? Whatever you like the looks of and that you can afford. It really just doesn’t make much difference. It didn’t in 2.8 and it doesn’t in 3.0…

There’s a difference between Light, Medium, and Heavy to some extent and there’s an actual difference between normal and epic… and putting bulk padding on everything can make a difference too. But other than that… nah… The perks they roll make WAY more difference than the armor attributes.


Not necessarily. It really depends on what bonuses you want. A +40 hitpoints armor bonus is negligible for a thrall, whereas a +VIT perk can be good. On the other hand, a +5 Strength perk on a thrall has little effect on their damage output, whereas a +15 % damage from armor bonuses is significant.

Most of the time, though, spending a lot of time trying to min-max a thrall’s bonuses isn’t worth it. If your or your thrall’s survival depends on the percentages, the margin of error in your endeavor was already unacceptably slim.


Unless one enjoys eking out all the small advantages, but yeah I do agree.


Yeah, mostly what I meant by:

is really, that neither one matters that much. At least not as much as the other things mentioned. And now that we can re-roll thrall attributes they can probably make something between 1000 and 2000 difference in HP which I would claim is “WAY more” difference than the differences in armor sets within the categories I listed out.

So yeah…

…is correct IMO too.

BTW, I think all this is generally a good thing too. It frees the crafter up to use whatever they want - which I find to be rather nice.

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stat wise the battelpass armore on the first level epic gives all pieces followerdamage and healt boost

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‘Follower damage’ should be equipped by the player, not the thralls.

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Mm ok i was try itt out no points in autority and this armor on thrall plus the special fish and they do a lot more damage then whit all points in autority and a different armore

I have not checked that out yet! Thank you :slight_smile: (but, yes, like Mikey said, that stat is for us :+1: ).

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For me it sounds like that this folower stat is for my folower solong he folowing me the armor works ive he not following me its not work

Depends on thralls, I guess. Since 3.0 the only thralls I’ve had the time to level have been T4 Relic Hunters, who seem to be getting ~45 hitpoints per point of Vitality. My main dude Lefevre got a +5 VIT perk, two +5 STR perks, with two -3 AGI modifiers attached to those, which doesn’t matter as he’s using a two-handed sword anyway, so I don’t think I’ll risk rerolling those in the hopes of geting more Vitality, since the potential gains are not so significant.

(He did drop to ~600 hitpoints during the last Portal to Yuggoth event, which made me a little bit worried for his future.)

Reroll that guy… make him strong.

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