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Hello! I’m new to Conan Exilles and I really like her! I want to ask experienced players about the best equipment for their fighter to choose? I have a Fighter Braver 9900 HP, dressed in Perfect armor of the Black Hand (775 armor) with the weapon of sorrow-telif, but I really want to find the Sword of Crom.
Do armor bonuses work on thralls? How can a thralls be cured with an incomplete HP? (In battle, let’s say). Did I choose the right weapon and armor for the thralls? (black hand set and crom sword) or is there something better?

Ok, I take the risk to sound like I’m joking, but the responce to your question is best heavy armor + best 2h weapon.

Today, I think silent legion + sword of Crom is the best.

That was not true times ago, probably it will be not some day.

In a year of play game balance and stats of item changed so many times I check each time a new update is released to see if something changed.

Maybe some day even some game mechanics will change… so not even to use heavy armor for thrall will be good.

But at current state thralls are unable to dodge, until this will stop to be true heavy armor is best choice for them.

At current state, Sword of Crom is still (after they nerfed it) the best weapon they can use in terms of more dmg they can deal.

Another valid choice if you’re worried about healing your thrall and don’t want to pick the feat for healing arrows or you want to avoid using a bow is to equip them with lifeblood spear.

That depends if you value more your time or your resources.
With a sword of Crom you’ll have faster combats, with lifeblood spear slower but without having to think at heals.

That’s your choice.


Thanks for the answer! I had a question, if there is no bonus on armor for thralls, why is it a silent legion?

For example, the armor of the silent legion gives a total of 689 armor, and the armor of the Black Hand is 775 (approximate numbers, I don’t remember exactly, but the legion is definitely smaller).

One more question, I noticed that in the menu of my fighter a ration of 3 different types of food is indicated. And I heard that fighters can buff food. If I put one kind of food from the diet to a fighter, the food disappears and there is no baf.

With order:

Attribute bonuses: I’ve discussed this matters with other long time playing players on the PvE-Conflict server where I play.

Even if longer tests are required, it seems they’re affected at current state, at least by some of them.

For example I experienced a t4 bearer wearing God Eye (a legendary eye patch) dealing more damages.

About armor stats: be aware of two facts maybe you already know, maybe not.

First: the value you see when you wear it are affected by your own attributes and bonuses. For example after unequip all your gears your character will probably not have 0 of armor, because there are bonuses, for example, for your Agi attribute.

To be sure of effective values check the value of armor on your thrall. Here, anyway, I’m speaking about default values, the ones depending only by the armor itself :wink:

Second fact (Intended or not, honestly it’s hard to say): when you modify an item stat value applying to it a kit, that stat become an unchangeable value.

That means even a change in the default item stats will not affect it (but it can affect all other unmodified stats of the item).

Having in mind this 2 facts be aware The Silent legion armor now has a default value of 720, if you see 680 or the silent legion armor you’ve found is an old copy from a time when their stats was lower than today and modified or something like that.

It could be an epic flawless armor has better stats than this because time ago they had better stats (so, for the same reason your silent legion now has less), now if you craft one of them no.

At current state (if you craft the armor now) I’m pretty sure silent legion is the best or one of the best.

About food: now if you place a food in the inventory of your thrall is instant consumed (so use just one entry :wink: ), but I assure you the baf is still working (the better is if it’s their preferred food).

The only problem you can see it only during combat, but I testedwhile farming Unnamed City and it seems is still working.


Thank you so much for the help, captain!)

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No problem at all :slightly_smiling_face:

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