Do thralls benefits from the stat bonuses of epic armor?



Title says it all.


To my knowledge no.
They get the armor rating.

One way to check is to put something with vitality and see if the HP goes up.


They do not benefit from any stat but armor.


As taemien already said, NO THEY DON’T.
You might want to check the summary of this thread.


Nice thread there.

I wish I could add some insight to it. But I can say it here.

If you increase damage of bows and arrows through a mod by altering datatables, it WILL increase the damage of NPC Archers as well (the unbroken, hostile to all NPCs). When I made my Archery Fix a while back, this was one of the side effects.

I assume it will do the same if you change the damages of vanilla melee weapons as well.

What I don’t know and haven’t tested is IF the weapon they appear to use IS the weapon they are drawing the damage value from. I believe it is, even though I haven’t thoroughly tested it.

Figured I’d leave this information here in case any modders wish to adjust itemtables. So they know if there is a possible side effect.


Thank you.

makes sense, if you increase the damage of all Arrows in the game you’ll increase the damage of their default Arrows and their damage output at the same time. but it hink if NPCS were using high tier arrows it wouldn’t matter except for the set arrows or any other Arrow that applies a DOT as alex pointed out in this thread.

it’s interesting you talk about that since i’m not 100% sure either.
i remeber when i was testing the difference between their “prefered” weapons (the ones they get by default and the ones you choose to give them) there was almost No difference between a 1 dragon bone sword and a 2 H dragon bone sword. i didn’t dig any further into this as i wanted to play the game normally too :smiley: .

Maybe i’ll check that deeper one day now that you’ve made me think about it again :smiley: , or maybe you’ll do it for us :smiley: .


So what about damage output from weapons? Say for instance if I give a fighter thrall a stone sword versus an Acheronian sword, will the thrall’s damage output increase?


Yes. The stronger the weapon, the stronger the attack.
Basic Armor and Damage ratings of gear/weapons apply. Nothing else.
If given the right food, they do get some kind of buff. Either to their health pool or damage, not sure which.


I guess most people didnt see the stealthy buff of bows. The only thing some might have wondered about is archers suddenly dealing more damage -> speaking of archers in thrall camps.

Why are you even wondering wether thralls actually use their weapons if it’s known from armor, that they use the armorrating. Just because stats are player only doesnt mean everything else is to be cast aside when speaking of thralls.

Following these thoughts, thralls probably never should have been able to use snakearrows (or else) at all.
I think it is safe to say thralls do use the weapons we give them.

Heck there have been times, when thralls would wear exactly what they wore when we broke them. You have no clue how disappointed I was when this was changed… :frowning:
It was the sole way to get those darfari chests… :wink:

I forgot who (sorry), but someone did a huge chunk of testing with thralls.
Weapons and armory for their attack and armor stats count and there is another thing taken into consideration: Their level. Meaning t1, t2, t3 or t4 thrall. I dont remember if it was told for factions to have an impact on dealt damage though - I would guess so, because their HP is that way. (Or should be, no idea wether that got changed or not.)




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