Crafting shortcuts FIX

Hi all,

Like many, I’ve been frustrated by how, in the inventory and crafting station screens, the buttons for “Craft [one]” and “Craft 10” share the same keyboard shortcut, “F”.

Well, I finally found the definitive fix for this!

  1. Quit out of Conan Exiles if it’s running.
  2. Open Windows’ File Explorer.
  3. Navigate to “{install path}\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor”. (Replace “{install path}” with the location of your main Steam folder.)
  4. Locate “Input.ini”. Make a backup copy for safety.
  5. Right-click the original “Input.ini”, choose Open With, Notepad.
  6. Locate the following line (a little more than halfway down):
  1. Change the part that says “Key=F” to any other key of your choice (I use “Key=G”).
  2. Save the file.

Now, when you launch Conan Exiles, open the inventory, and select a recipe, the button “Craft 10” should have a shortcut of “G”, while “Craft [one]” still uses “F”.

(For reference, the line with “InventoryShortcut3” is for the “Craft [one]” button.)


(PS - Funcom, please correct your default Input.ini !!!)

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