Crafting Station occasional glitch

I don’t know why this happens but whenever I try to mass craft something (like shaped wood, or steel reinforcement for instance) the hot key for mass producing said item doesn’t work around 50% of the time or more. Once I exit the crafting station and go back into it the hot key works again.


Hey @Technicolorfool

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll relay it to our team.

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You know, this is an annoying bug and can’t think why I’ve never mentioned it before. It is easy to overcome, by clicking in single or qty 10, then the large craft qty button generally works. Probably just got used to doing the workaround and now it is just normal game play for me.

Thanks for posting it.


@sirvink Same here lol. I have totally been just working around this!


This happens on Xbox quite often as well.

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