Opening crafting tables but singleplayer/pc

Hey, crafting tables have been opening and cosing several times before finally opening. This is killing the game to me, it wasn’t like that when I started playing, and it isn’t my E key, since its working fine anywherelse. - singleplayer - no mods - thank you!

Greetings @empdsayno and welcome to the forums!

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

Regarding the situation at hand, does it happen with a crafting table in specific or any crafting table will result in this occurrence?

If you would have a video demonstrating this I will gladly take a look at it as well.

any tables, even thrall inventory, anything that requires E key. im not being able to post a link now upload a video.


You mention Solo, but you don’t say if you have mods at all? Funcom will need to know whether you have any mods loaded too. You should also let Funcom know how much memory your PC has in case there’s an issue with that

I do know that when I have had the same happen to me, if I hold the ‘E’ button down on the craft station, I can look for the ‘cog’ shaped ison and click on that and the craft station/chest opens.

I have noticed that the larger and more complicated my base is, the more likely I will have this open-close issue happen. I also ‘mix up’ my types of build-pieces I am building the base with (nemedian+stomglass+insulated wood etc - all used together).

It could be that this is a known issue and Funcom is looking at it, but the more info they have about your system, (NOT personal info :slight_smile: ) the better.

  • Mods loaded?
  • RAM
  • Which Craftstations (as they have asked)
  • Whether there is a thrall in the craftstation

Good luck and thanks for posting the issue - I am sure you are not the only person.

Thank you sir, i use no mods. I recently tested a new save to test this, and apparently it didn’t bug, i set many crafting tables with admin and they all oppened correctly.

  • No mods
  • 8 GB
  • Any crafting station

Interesting. We’ll have to see what Funcom say.

maybe its because of fps

fixed it by setting graphics on low!

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