Crafting Station Thrall outfits

I have a suggestion regarding the outfits that are default on the crafter thralls. It is one of the most frequently requested changes that we are able to “dress” our crafters. I know however that Funcom’s position is that this will not be implemented as the crafter thralls do not come with an inventory we can open to change their clothing as they are coded differently from the thralls that can be placed in the world…this I accept as the final word on the matter of player control over crafter clothing for the foreseeable future.

My suggestion is that Funcom changes the default clothing that they wear when broken and it can be done in a variety of ways to engage with the community.

a) on a regular basis a poll is run for x number of crafter thralls with a x outfit options showcased and the player base votes which one is desired. (Include the current default as option as well). The poll result could be a small part of the stream.

b) Variation on idea (a) but instead of proposing a specific set, they ask players to post specific outfits they’d like to see on specific listed crafter thralls as screenshots on their fighter/dancer/bearer thralls as examples (include all details of what item each is and any dyes applied) and after close of the posting period, then Funcom picks the outfit to apply to the crafter OR runs a poll on the submissions for players to vote what they like best; perhaps occasionally run it as poll during a stream - if it’s possible to put the submissions up as a scrolling set of pictures at the side that viewers can vote on during the stream. ( I do not if that is possible to do)

c) Funcom picks crafter thralls and the new outfits to have different outfits after being broken that change seasonally or six monthly. So it’s a surprise to us when we get one what they will be wearing.

D) same idea as above but Funcom runs a poll of which crafters people want different outfits on.

The purpose of this idea is that over time there will be a variety of clothing on the crafting thralls …
I guess the feasibility on impementing sequential changes in crafter clothing would depend if a broken crafter thrall would maintain the same outfit at time of coming off the wheel or if it’s clothing would change when the base models clothing changes.


Sorry to intrude.
Thralls come with following armor:
Tier 1: Fiber
Tier 2: Light Exile+faction/special
Tier 3: Medium Exile+faction/special
Tier 4: Heavy Exile+faction/special

Special meaning in case of the smiths having them wear that apron. Or these gloves for smelters. Faction being i.e. dogs of the desert, relic hunters, black hand, possibly even lemurian for the thralls at derketos place? And vanir too. Those things.

Then last part is being able to dye thralls - obviously we wont dye thralls but rather their armor.
I guess that would still be a “light” version of changing them to the players liking, but better than having t4 crafters in fiber… I really dont like that sight. :joy:

That could be enhanced by having the art team design certain “armor” for each different crafter. To have each crafter look different. I dont think they have to change their clothing every few months.
Though as you are asking to have the community take part in that… Square Enix does something on almost a regular basis. They hold contests in which they ask the participants to design armor suggestions. The winner usually gets his design to be implemented - and people come up with crazy ideas. Not the bad kind of crazy, but rather amazing.
Just like that artcontest which had been done a few months ago. I really liked that derketo lady… (Though I only like the back part of the actual outfit.)


Yes indeed, the x thrall(s) picked for outfit change would not necessarily be named crafters, it could be race/faction-Carpenter -II-female model.

I was thinking that the artists would use existing armour sets but I guess if the person assigned uses the same process as the DLC artists then the crafter thralls could end up in unique clothing.

And changing the outfits do not need to be done as one big project but gradually over time so it drips out content to us…again depending upon coding limitations if changing the base model will restropectively change broken thralls … or if not …and if we are after a specific look then we can go capture them again or trade with someone who captures one we want. (Ok so in PvP that will probably mean steal or raid gain.)

I wanna dress up thralls of crafting station with custom outfits.
But I’m worry that it would be more laggy due to there outfits.

Hey my wife will put tops on those girls, you know how long it took to find them…

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