Crafting T3 doesn't give exp

Which is a pain in the ■■■ compared to earlier, since exploration gives virtually no XP any more, and the journey can be difficult to control (if you want to “save up” for later).

Talking 1x servers here, obviously.

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Hey there,

We are currently aware of this issue and we’re looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback!



not great idea for all styles of play, this is one of those things that need to be consistent across all platforms and server types

…I was being sarcastic/a smartass, not actually advocating the removal of crafting XP


sorry my bad, I didn’t sense the sarcasm

Was wondering what the deal with this was, since the last patch I get no xp from any tier 3, crafted in any way shape or form, I presumed it was yet another exp nerf.

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doesn’t sound like its intentional, they know about the bug at least

Unless they turn around and say it isn’t a bug - wouldn’t be the first time that happened :grin::sweat_smile:


I am glad I read this thread. I wonder if there is no craftable XP happening at all right now, as Mikey suggests.

Anyway, I shared my concerns here:


Crafting Reinforced Stonebrick and all DLC building pieces was changed to give the same exp as Black Ice.

You get 100-400exp per piece at 1x.

So it’s likely that this is, in fact, not a bug but yet more (unasked for and unwanted) “streamlining” of content eh? sigh Yeah I’m long since level 60 and not likely to bother with the leveling process ever again (if I ever lose my character or base I’ll just quit the game) so what do I personally care? Very little, but I still don’t think it’s necessary to make it harder to level. There’s enough things driving new people away as it is.

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Hello Exiles,

As previously stated, this is a problem we are currently aware of and it is under investigation. We have added it to our Trello board, so feel free to pop over and vote for this issue to be prioritized.


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no thanks, I come to the forum for the info. I don’t need to chase multiple web sites to post issues. you should be motivated enough to keep the player base happy and get fixing things. If you don’t want to fix things we have already learned you chose what you want. And if fixing the bugs is to inconvenient then maybe it is time for me to look for a new game.


Maybe this is the beginning of an overhaul of the whole system gaining xp. Before the last patch you got 6000xp for one t3 tile and in EA it was even 15000xp for a t3 building tile. So it was possible to fast level only by building T3 structures. I did this by myself :innocent: and there were many players on my server who did this too. Now they don’t play anymore because they don’t feel excited anymore at max level because of the missing endgame content. So fast leveling is a problem but also slow leveling. If you want the players leveling slowly you have to give them additional motivation by more content to keep them occupied with. And you have to change the whole system gaining experience. So for example you can give the player the possibility to build special T3 structures by capturing a special named builder thrall or to absolve a special quest or find a special NPC comparable with the religious teachers.


I wish you wouldn’t feel like that. Trello is more a democratizing process to ensure their time is prioritized the way the playerbase would like. As in, if you don’t participate, you don’t get a vote on what’s most important. Also that board is suitable for bugcatchers like me to keep up on stuff without constantly querying the devteam. For instance, I want companions to fight 24/7 on PVP (not just during raid window) but that is still in the Backlog. Thus I can easily see the status of one of my pressing issues. Personally I hope you stick around as I appreciate your input and insight.


Have you restarted recently enough that you get a sense of the difficulty curve? I have heard from others, specifically most recently @Cauthey who got to 35 on a new server in a very respectable real-world time. Coincidentally I was all-nighting doing 1X vanilla, and recognize the struggle is once again real. If I may make an equivalence: during EA when Level Cap was 50, I was stuck until I got to the water well. Then it was a long, slow one-month process to get to 50 by mid-June, 2017. In my opinion, this made leveling very satisfying and end-game (fighting with others) quite do-able. Do you have an opinion of the long-term effects of hard-ish leveling?

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Okay then. Well - will you click in there, and vote on my behalf, then? :smiley:

Don’t vote or participate if you don’t want. But much as Barnes stated - this is a decent method for the devs to understand what pain points are most painful to the players.


I am playing on a new server only as recently as a couple of days ago. I enjoy the game immensely, and definitely commit the time - so please take that into account with my leveling feedback.

I made it from 1 to 40 without too much worry or thought focused on “the grind.” I am still pursuing my journey steps, and went to see the Remnant in The Dregs before actually having that journey step display on my screen as one of my next three.

I’ve not done a ton of building so far, but I am now dismayed that I have some mats to get some quick crafting XPs, and it seems to not be there (no XP for vaults at level 44).

If I have to “long game” the grind, I’ll do it. Not really a big deal. The XP still seems to come plenty fast with a little bit of NPC farming (New Asagarth, Mounds). And I still need the steel, and some T4 thralls. So, win-win-win.

Even still - I think the XP for crafting / crafter types still needs to be investigated for the sake of game quality of life, and for its appeal to all game audience types.


On the officials its set to 1x XP, 4x for kill, 4x for craft, 4x for gather… I personally have never felt that the gather xp was well matched to the kill xp so turned it down on my server to 1x kill, 4x craft… only now crafting xp is zero… haha gonna have to turn back up the kill xp i guess.
Luckily its just a few of us on the server so not a really huge drama and I can compensate people for the lack of crafting xp but it would really suck to be starting on an official server at the moment.

Do we know how long this bug has been in place?

I am a fan of longterm leveling and longterm motivation. I appreciate if it isn’t too easy to receive improvements. I would like to see more content/recipes receiving independently from leveling. I can confirm that leveling now takes longer and is more exiting then in EA but it was possible before the patch to level fast only by building t3 structures. (If the player wants) of course it is good gaining xp from Building but how much should this be?

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