Crash fix that's worked for everyone I have shown so far

So, out of the different solutions I had come across so far. I found doing this has been consistently effective and so far I haven’t found someone it didn’t work for.

  1. Unsubscribe from all mods in your steam workshop.
    Go to the conan page in steam and go in workshop. In there go to Browse and in the small drop down select “Subscribed Items”. In this page on the right you should see a button to unsub to all. Or you can do it all manually for some reason but every mod needs to be unsubbed.

  2. Delete all of the mods in your workshop folder.
    The directory to the workshop folder for Conan exiles is “…SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\440900” Every folder in here delete.

  3. Restart Steam.

  4. Do a game check to verify file integrity.
    This kinda seemed pointless since nothing was wrong for me, though some people did get a popup message saying the game files were fine but the following mods were missing and listed the mod folders. This is fine, it doesn’t effect anything, its just letting you know.

  5. Connect to the server to redownload mods.

This has been successful for everyone I’ve told or walked though with so hopefully this is your fix if you are still looking for one.

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