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Game mode: All
Type of issue: Missing Mods
Server type: All
Region: All

So I had an issue with a few mods, I went through the motions and ultimately read that I needed to delete them. Unsub and Resub the mods did not work, they remain in the steamapp folder as program artifacts. All Unsub does is prevent the mod from being updated. Thus I went in to the actual file location for the .pak files, and deleted them all directly. The thought was that the game would simply redownload them when it discovered they were missing. Common sense dont you think but NOPE?

I am currently subscribed to all the important Mods and they do not appear on SP or MP servers. I can download new Mods that I never Sub before but something is telling the game that the old Mods are already downloaded. Yet they are not in the folders. So instead of updating and replacing the files the server Mods read “NOT FOUND”

  1. Go to \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\440900
  2. Delete everything
  3. Restart the game
  4. Find that you are still subscribed to but do not have access to your favorite Mods.

:grinning: Yay for freeing up all that space from unwanted or unused mods, AKA unnecessary consumption of space via program artifacts.

:rage: Boo for not being able to play the game because the game cannot perform a simple check to see that a file is corrupt or missing.

:arrow_right: I need to know what to delete or edit so that the game actually redownloads the missing Mods from the workshop.

Things I have already attempted

  1. Unsub / Resub
  2. Unsub / Restarting / Resub
  3. Unsub / Validate integrity / Restart Com / Resub
  4. Unsub / let Auto-Sub & Update do it
  5. Download Mods .pak = many dont have archive downloadable.
  6. Growned in frustration.

Thank you for any help.

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Unsub from the mods you use, exit Steam fully, and resub to them.


@Multigun = Did that. No effect

PS Like & thumbs up all of your Mods

Ok I am fairly certain I have exhausted the internet. I have searched for every variation of “NOT FOUND” related to Conan & Steam, and what I have learned is there are a lot of people with this problem. None with an answer.

Well one answer but it is not viable. Delete steam, create a new steam account, buy Conan a second time. Conan is a good game but not worth creating a new account and paying for it twice.

:arrow_right: I could really use some help with this one as I have run out of ideas.

Your mods are stored in SteamLibrary - Steamapps - Workshop - Content - 123456 (6 digit folder).

Have you tried:
Unsub from mods, exit steam, remove everything from that folder and empty your bin :slight_smile:, restart just in case, start steam again, start conan, try joining the server with automatically subscribe and download mods enabled to see whether they will start downloading?

EDIT: here you can find some more things to try:

Especially this one: Method 3: Clearing the Download Cache

EDIT 2: Here you can see the list of mods you are subscribed to:


@Narelle Yes I did. In that exact variation and a few others.

One thing I notices is that there seems to be two lists of Subscribes. One kept by the game and another by Steam. I unSubed all the mods on the workshop only to find that they were still Subed under my profile. Removed them all there too. Full com shut down a restart.

:arrow_right: Attempt one = Let the Auto updater do its thing.
Result = Status of Mods (NOT FOUND) - auto updater did nothing.

:arrow_right: Attempt two = Shut down Conan, Sub all mods Manually for the workshop page, restart steam, start conan.
Result = Status of Mods (NOT FOUND)

:arrow_right: The mods dont even appear under my mod selection in the main menu. I open the game files and sure enough they do not exist.

:arrow_right: Validate Local Files = Nothing

Something is preventing these Mods from redownloading despite being subscribed to them.

have you tried clearing the download steam cache?

EDIT: also disable steam BETA, seems to cause issues for many.

@Narelle OK, I click on downloads and there is nothing there. I have never seen an option to clear the cache, so how do I do that?

Here, read this. There is an explanation how to delete the cache and how to opt out of steam beta. Try both.

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Well I tried every option on that page except for the last. I am currently uninstalling reinstalling steam, which with Conan is no small order. I suppose I will have an answer by tomorrow or the next day. ( I have a Beast Machine & Potato internet) This com is wasted on the internet speed.

:arrow_right: Using the Big Picture Mode in Steam
:stop_sign: Did not work, I actually had to watch a YouTube to show me how to get out of Big Picture Mode. Dont know why anyone would use it.

:arrow_right: Deleting corrupted mods
:stop_sign: Did not work, Followed the directions but the files just are not there to start with so they did not appear in other directories.

:arrow_right: Clearing the Download Cache
:stop_sign: Did not work, Never knew it was a thing and had to watch the vid to see where the setting was but tried it. Steam could work on their “user friendly” menus.

:arrow_right: Opting out of Steam Beta
:stop_sign: Did not work, Turns out I alread Opted out so I toggled between the two and tested it each time.

:arrow_right: Changing the Download Region
:stop_sign: Did not work, Changed it to the next nearest location, both are about a 2 to 3 hour drive.

:arrow_right: Reinstalling Steam & Conan.
:alarm_clock: Pending. I really have crap internet. It took a day and a half to download Conan the first time so responding to this might take a while. This is not a small task for most of us. I have a mountain of games. :persevere:

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This worked but I would hardly call it a viable method. Conan is huge, more so then many other games that offer a lot more. I know several gamers who have capped data per month. Downloading Conan consumes their entire monthly allotment which means they would have to go without gaming for an entire month to confirm that the attempt was successful. Not to mention the loss of all their other games.

There has to be a better way to fix a file recognition problem. The only thing I can think of is that the Devs did not write the check in the first place. A few lines of code:

ID Mods = list
If File (list ID(i)) is missing;
, Than redownload,
, Else i++, Loop

:medal_sports: Extremely simplified for the layman but Programmers should understand it. These checks should exist at several stages to prevent file corruption or missing information effecting the game. Especially considering that (Steam suggest the Deletion of these files) as a solution for fixing corrupt mods.

@Narelle Thank you for you help. At this point I am done investigating the problem. If it ever happens again, than I will also be done being a server admin or even playing Conan again. Fixing a problem this small should not require any one to take the drastic steps I had to take to resolve it.

I am also not marking this as a solution for the reasons listed above.

@Gawain I am glad that it worked. I think there is a way to re-install steam without having to reinstall all your games but I have to google it again since I have never really had any issues requiring me to do it myself. Furthermore, I believe that your issue was with steam itself rather than the game, so it may happen again for other games that have mods and use the steam platform. Either way, you got it working. Hope you can enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Late for chat, but this may help in the future…

My Steam “setup” is as follows:

  • Steam app on main OS SSD (no games in default Steam folder)
  • 2nd SSD for more demanding games (and software)
  • less demanding games and games that I do not currently play, but do not wish to delete are on a bigger HDD.

I make it a point to periodically format the OS drive and make fresh install of everything. Having everything of value on other drives (partitions) saves me the time to keep everything “alive” after reinstall (periodic secondary backups are not on debate here).

How to keep games on your computer if you need to reinstall Steam:

  • Having game folders on other drives or partitions in now easy on Steam. And you can simply move games between locations.
  • There is also (not so straightforward) way to have alternate game folder on same drive as steam app (just some by hand ini files modifications)
  • (not sure if anything changed lately) You can also do a backup of all games by simply making a copy of whole “steamapps” folder. After reinstall of Steam, simply copy back and make “verify files…”

I was a part of a discussion a while back regarding the last 2 points. Will edit when I find the thread



added changes:

I read what has changed: when you manually add a steam folder to the file in the reddit post, you also also manually create “steamapps” subfolder


you add new location on same drive
“2” “X:\gamefolder”

before installing the game, manually create

that works, I just tested

edit 2:
this was part of

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