Crash/freeze upon exiting game, PC requires complete restart

I’ve been having an issue pretty consistently where my screen and PC entirely lock up after exiting the game, to the point where I have to do a hard reboot of my PC in order for it to become usable again. Nothing seems to work other than a manual restart, can’t even open task manager as the screen becomes entirely frozen. This is the only instance where this issue happens to me. Any suggestions? It stopped for a day or two and now it’s happening once again, and I’m really lost as to what could be causing it.

That sucks. A couple of things here that others may have more on once they know:

  • You playing Solo or on a Server? If server, which server? Is it modded?
  • Taking it granted the memory and disk-space are not issues?
  • Also, that your graphic drivers are up to date.
  • Have you done a game Verification recently?
  • Ever had issues with your connection?

Sometimes I’ll have a freeze but I can still bring up taskbar and can switch to another desktop to bring up taskmanager.

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