Hangs tight. Help!

Good afternoon after installing the game, at some point in time the game completely freezes. Those. the picture freezes, the sound disappears, on the keyboard, mouse, or any reaction there. Neither ctrl alt del, nor alt + tab, on alt + F4 does not help anything, only restarting the computer. I reinstalled the game several times. All logs cache the integrity of the game everything was checked. No changes. How to fix tell me what’s the matter ??

Hello Gilza_34reg, and welcome to the forums!

Have you been able to play the game successfully at some point, ie. is this a new problem that only just occurred, or has the game always frozen like that?

What are your computer technical specifications? Could your problem be related to THIS thread?

If the game freezes, are you still able to open the main menu by pressing whe Windows key, or does the computer require a power button restart?

Hi, the game may freeze at different points in time, it may freeze 5 minutes after entering the game, and it may freeze after 35 minutes, it also does not react to the Window key either. Only restart the computer. At the moment, the problem has been partially solved by launching the game in windowed mode. In windowed mode for 4 hours, not a single such critical freeze occurred. FPS 45-50. The temperature of the video card and processor is 48 and 54, respectively. The drivers of the video card are updated to the latest. I’m trying to figure out why the game works in windowed mode and doesn’t work in full screen.

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