Crash on load up

Consistently get this error. Have logged over 550 hours to date. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Still no luck. Cannot play the game at all.

Fatal error: [File:C:\B\tech_exiles\code\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\Serialization\AsyncLoading.cpp] [Line: 3447]
Could not find SuperStruct OnAttemptedToWalkOffNavMesh to create OnAttemptedToWalkOffNavMesh


Crash in runnable thread FAsyncLoadingThread

Have you verified files ??

Yes verified files, then uninstalled and reinstalled fresh, still crashing with same message every time

Have now launched a new game and taken off all mods. This seems to have solved the issue

Glad to hear it. Maybe you’ll have to go through all of them and see which one was causing the problem.

I agree somethings not right at all. Since the last update I crash 1-3 times trying to load the game. once it gets going, it seems stable. but yeah, CTD each time. sometimes it happens during the nvidia logo, sometimes it happens at the main menu, sometimes it happens while trying to load into a server (I play official pvp). Sometimes it happens just a few seconds after logging into a server. But ya, every time i start the client it crashes up to 3 times. files verified. dunno what to say. this is the only game it does this on, granted i see there is a GPU driver update. ill give it a shot and update.

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I’m getting something similar since the last update - more like crashing one time in three, rather than every time. I get the ‘Pak file corrupt or tampered with’ message telling me to verify files. I did that the first couple of times, but have since found that if I just ignore it and reboot, then it usually manages it the second time. Seems to be pretty consistently around the Nvidia logo screen when it crashes.

Yeah i updated my gpu drivers. still crashing. also updated windows. no crashes yet. lets see how stable things are now.

Serialization errors are usually caused by outdated mods.

the same thing with me, since the last patch 2 6 1, I’ve always had fatal errors, I haven’t had anything like that for years, and I haven’t changed anything in the game, the patch is rubbish, and a lot of friends of mine have the same mistake, and everyone says the same thing that the patch is to blame, there are some friends from IT who know their way around…

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