Crash Reporter Flagged as Malware in Windows Defender

Windows Defender has flagged the crash reporter as malware. The path Windows Defender points to is “Mutant Year Zero\Engine\Binaries\Win64\CrashReportClient.exe”. Windows Defender detects the crash reporter as “PUA:Win32/Presnoker”. I Downloaded the game from Steam.

I saw an older post on the forum from June, with the same issue, but it did not receive any responses. I’m hoping that this is a false detection, but I want to hear from developers on why this has happened, as it is quite worrying, and I hope malware has not been bundled into the game.

They probably won’t reply, mostly because if it was a virus “bundled” with the application they wouldn’t get just one or two reports and they would be approaching it in an across-the-board fashion. False positives are pretty common for games; I get one on occasion for my Elder Scrolls: Morrowind installation that I also downloaded from Steam.

It may be that it’s an issue with that particular set of signatures. Try refreshing your virus signatures in Defender and scanning again. You might have to repair your game installation before you scan if it has removed the file.

If it is the heuristic detection that is flagging it, it might be worth scanning the particular file with another virus scanner. Trend Micro has a free one, and has a good reputation:

Hope you have a good outcome…

It’s most likely a false positive. It’s a reporter app and the scanners look for things that report. If it was compromised somehow, or you just want to be certain, you could delete that file and run the game launcher to download and replace it. If it gets flagged again after that you can safely whitelist it as a false positive.

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