Crash to home screen

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash |
Region: all online servers

Crash to desktop

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
3.crash to homescreen
4.rinse and repeat

A lot more crashing to the homescreen after the update. Crashing when gathering especially but happens a different times. Not the normal crash to the desktop that happens when you log in. It is happening after you have been on.

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Hello @Oides, thank you for your submission!

Could you please let us know if there are any other actions triggering the crashes other than gathering, and whether it also happens on single player for you?

Also, do you recall having the inventory open when any of the crashes happened?

i just had 2 crashes in a row. the first one i was taking dyes out of a storage box and the second one i was colouring my clothes and pressing b for cancel when i crashed to homescreen

(xbox one s)

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I reinstalled game went to offline single player then exited joined a server then crash to home screen and it keeps doing what it was doing before I reinstalled it

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I had 2 crashes last night, same platform, officials -
1.) exiting from one server to go check log on another server. Pressed back button on xbox to bring up menu, then scrolled down to exit to main menu. When I pressed A to select I was instantly blackscreened and sent to Xbox Home.

2.) Ob to unnamed city with 2 friends and was dropping gear but inventory did not show some items I wanted to drop (I am very good about sorting by name to keep items up at the top and my inventory was maybe only 12 spots taken) - sent to blackscreen again and Home screen.

I had a “fatal error” crash to home screen while trying to open a greater wheel of pain. Can’t open it at all, every time i try it crashes. Very annoying cause i just found a thrall i needed after long time.

The crash was with the inventory closed. It happens at different parts of the map but a guaranteed crash is in the silver mines using the black blood pick with the new oils. The first corner to the right with the two larger than normal scorpions. Before the oil it would lag bad when harvesting. 10k stone or more in that corner.

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Something I am noticing here. The crash to the homescreen is happening at the same time on two xboxes(my wife’s and mine)Yes I believe my internet is fine. It isn’t giving a disconnected message just black screen to home screen

agreed, 2 of the 3 of us in unnamed city dropped one after the other very close between (almost same time). but 1 did not?!

Which region are you in @Manuborzoni there is a thread discussing your issue here;

I’m still crashing as much as I did 6 months ago :sleeping::sleeping:on my 5th “lost connection to server “ done single player too

Tried other servers both eu and American tried the hot fix and nothing for literally 43 times now I tried to get on but either crash while loading or crash after 3 mins in game but nothing is working. Reinstalled once don’t have enough gigs this month to do it again. Where’s the fix for this problem I have an Xbox one and it started doing this an hour after the dlc and update downloaded

Thank you for all the information shared so far, the team is working hard on addressing the crash and login issues in upcoming hotfixes, please don’t hesitate to send in the crash reports whenever possible.

whenever i place items the improved furnace or kiln and the click start everything is instantly done and the game crashes at least with stone and iron ore this happens have not tried it with glass of star metal

So I’m guessing this will get fixed in a month or two. Well there goes all my resources I’ve gathered. Might have to uninstall and get my money back for the dlc that broke the game at least. I liked the game but I know it takes a long time to fix bugs some haven’t been fixed since day one. Maybe I’ll play again in a year when things are fixed. Hate spending my time building and have it be for nothing many hours wasted. Will give 3 days then I’m out.

they tweeted they will roll out a patch friday the 13. sep. for consoles. pc is already out


So everything will decay by then fun fun fun :weary:

Nice FC very Nice

you really cant login at all? i can login and be in game for a few seconds or even minutes… enough so it does not decay. tried everything to login?

My game crashes at loading’ll get 75% and crash every time