Crashing after every minigame

After recent update i am getting this… asdgsdrh
This is really annoying since I am forced to close the game totally and start running up everything again. Fix it please


Been getting this too, more than usual. About once a day now, don’t know if it’s my old rig or not. My crashes aren’t after minis it just seems random.

Crashing and lost connection to server few times after mini today, me too.

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Crashing during minigames also. Don’t worry, it’s not your rig.

Yo Funcom, keep dc’ing to login screen about every minute or so during minis. Only happens in minis…not once in pve…please figure this out cause I only like to pvp. Thanks and asap on it!

It’s the silly report button they added. It’s buggy.

I am a paying customer…fix this problem or why should one keep paying? An official response would be nice.

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Twice tonight on log out. Not after mini for me, but then it wants to check for corrupted files which then takes forever. If I don’t do the check game loads anyway. Kinda annoying. Maybe the update will fix it.

Just click no when it asks to check for corrupted files. you don’t have to go through that process and it’s useless anyway.

Thanks, tried that and it seems to work without waiting forever and a day.

+1 every mini game i need to do a game restart from task manager…


When will you fix the server?

This is my exact problem with aoc right now. It is very frustrating.