Why do we keep crashing

I have crashed 20 times in 3 weeks.
I only crash during mini games when combat starts to happen.
I crash when the game is just ENDING and it is a win.
I know it it 20 times because I have 20 abandoned minigames when I’ve never left, I just crash.

I’ve re-installed the game through steam, moved my settings to pvp/raid and particles only on myself.

Path of vanquisher - meaningless.

Does anyone have any suggestions I can do to crash less?

Side Note: I often times lag pretty hard when raid finder or many enemies engage in combat. I’d like to figure out a way to lesson it if it cannot be fixed.

Thanks for the time.

Maybe it is more then 20x because sometimes I can get back in the mini.

On Saga minis- at the start and during the first 2 tiers I had the same problem. Along with other issues in minis, I stopped playing them. Not an idea solution I realize but but with crashing and other issues, it was what I did.

On lag in big fights, it helps me by turning particles off altogether, in WB,RF, etc. When parts are needed, I set them on and hope the lag is not too bad. Good luck!

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I wonder if its on their end or mine?

Switching from Fullscreen to Borderless fixed most of my crashes, although for some reason I can play in fullscreen these days without issues. You can also try changing DX9/10.

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I’ll def give this a try

I seem to have more annoying issues with my game sometimes starting as a micro window and I can’t resize it. Sometimes it takes me several restarts of the game to get proper full screen.

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Try Alt+Enter.

Yes that is really annoying and I also know how to make the game start normally:
Once you clicked on the start button in the patcher don’t click on anything with your mouse or use any keys of your keyboard, that will make the game start in the really small window.
I am not sure why clicking on anything makes the game start up in the small window but not doing anything for a few seconds until it completely started does the trick.

it can be anything that makes AoC lose focus for that 1 critical second. Having any onedrive activity can do it.

I had that issue whenever i clicked start in the patcher, then alt tabbing so i could do stuff while game was loading up, i dont have that issue now anymore however, not sure why.