Crashing at load screen

As of 6/14/2019 I can no longer login to play. Originally i logged in and was able to play for about 30 min before the game crashed. i restarted the game and logged in and was in game for about 5 min when it crashed again. Finally i tried again and it wouldn’t let me past the loading screen after character selection and this is where its stuck now. It crashes everytime in the same placeon the same loading screen after character selection.

I’ve tried repairing the installation, tried shutting down background programs including anti-virus, i turned off the firewall, i reinstalled the whole game twice, i rolled back nvidia drivers to 399.24 then tried updating to latest drivers, and I’ve scoured online to find a similar issue to find something else to try. I play with my gf online and she uses amd graphics and doesnt have any problems so im leaning towards that being the issue but I honestly have no idea why it would randomly stop working.

Any help would be appreciated.

Definitly don’T patch your nvidia driver past 425.xx . Those drivers ast that can break the game.
Also can you ost your pc specs, that you initially could only lay 30 minutes sounds concerning even without the loading screen crash.

whats the recommended driver to try so i can have a crack at it. and ive been able to play for hours before this is just a recent development. I am at level 29 I think so ive put in some time with no issues.

Running on
i7 2.2-3.2 processor
8G ram
Nvidia 640M with 2G dedicated vram
running the game on a windows 7 install running off a Samsung Evo SSD
what other specs would you like?

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to be clear i previously had no problems running the game at 30+ fps and really no graphical issues. that was on drivers just before the 425 release and recently been playing on 399.24 release due to issues with RE2: Remake so it worked on both and now works on neither.

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i7 2.2-3.2 Ghz?

Else…concerning the driver everything past 425 currently causes issues until Nvidia finds the issue. An issue we had quite often the last weeks/days. Give 425 a try and we work from there if it still has issues.

its a i7 3632QM so its 2.2Ghz with 3.2 Ghz turbo boost. So it throttles up and down as needed or temperature allowing. never really had a problem cpu wise since it really didnt tax it. Never had it under full load with SWL.

I am encountering the same problem. Yesterday, I was playing for about a hour when all of a sudden the screen froze and the game crashed, sending me back to the desktop. Logging in today, after selecting my character, the game crashed again during the loading screen, sending me back to the desktop… Logged back in and was in game for about 10 minutes when the screen froze and the game crashed again. I don’t know if the recent driver update for Nvidia has anything to do with it or not, but you are not alone. If it happens again, I will submit a ticket. This isn’t happening on any other games and I never had any problems with this game before.

Thing is I tried multiple drivers and only even tried a recent driver after none fixed the issue. I’ve not been able to load into the map at all so not even getting that.

Do you use DX11? If so try switching back to DX9. I was having CTD issues for many weeks and that seems to have cleared it up for me, knock wood

no im using dx9 and when i repair it it will download the same data every time. I tried the 419 driver mentioned elsewhere but no dice. i even tried repair then after completion exiting the patcher then reopening then launch it crashes in exactly the same place on load. at about the 30% mark. im currently in blue mountain not sure if that matters.just started that world so have maybe 45 min in. i have dedicated and integrated graphics. i tried forcing it to use the inegrated but no matter what i try it defaults to the nvidia gpu so no luck there either.

ok so an update i tried installing the non steam client and that did not see my character. scrapped that and after trying so many diff things the cause is directx9. it launches and plays in directx11. I tried reinstalling 9 but that did nothing so my solution was using version 11. I guess it was the inversion of most peoples solutions but it worked for those who are having the same problems.

While dx9 normally is the stabler I heard of cases were dx11 is the stabler of the two.
Don’t ask me why, I really don’T know what causes it but hay that it works for you now.

yea weird as s**t but it did the trick and with the nvidiaprofile inspector tweak i get 40+ fps so thats a win.

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It has been said that as of the last Nvidia patch the game can crash. A rollback to an earlier driver is recommended.
My Question: Seriously? I upgraded to Patron and shortly after im constantly crashing and dying, with the result of dozens of corpseruns and extra costs to restore anima, and now im supposed to wait for a patch ( 3 weeks so far, and i`m pretty sure thats not the end of it) or downgrade my driver?

If the problem is with the Nvidia driver, then it’s not something which Funcom would be patching. It’s Nvidia’s fault, and until they fix it, we suffer.

It crashed again for me this morning. Didn’t even make it to the character select screen. This is ridiculous. These crashes have been occurring for a long time now. Even saw people streaming the game on Twitch and get thrown out and back to desktop. Some say it is Nvidia, some say it is Windows. No one really knows and i’m not messing with my computer, all of my other games play just fine. When is Funcom going to comment about this, as far as I’m concerned it is a Funcom problem until they state otherwise.

Are you getting any kind of information that might help diagnose it, or just the client closes?

@ AWOL Screen freezes for a sec, and poof! you are back at the desktop. Will let the gurus of Funcom figure it out.

One can point at who’s fault it is all they want. The truth of the matter is that regardless of whos fault it is Funcom is at the mercy of Nvidia not the other way round. Nvidia couldn’t care less if this game runs smoothly so it’s entirely in Funcom’s hands. You know like every other company that fixed it on there end. On that note and to a larger extent the same is true of Windows updates.