[PC] Can't Play

I bought the game yesterday and with 58 minutes of playtime I never even played.
Very shortly and randomly after I start the game I get this crash:

(Why can I not include links in my posts? ._.)

It happens during character creation and during the cinematic that follows (which I could never get past).

I use two monitors; removed one and then I got this crash:

I have updated my graphics driver, validated files, don’t have any mods (nor modlist.txt), only tried to play in single-player, disabled G-Sync, tried the testlive build (revision #95349/17735), tried to play without battleye, tried to add ServerMap=ConanSandbox under [Settings.ServerList] in the Engine.ini (which apparently fixed a similar issue for someone).

Here are a couple of logs:

And here’s a log with only one monitor connected:

This is on:
Intel Core i7 4790K
NVIDIA GTX 1080 (driver 397.31 25/04/2018)

Heya! Could you send an email to our tech team over here? They can direct you from there. Sorry for the trouble!

Done, thank you!

Thanks so much!!!
Just to add, do you have a factory overclocked gfx card?
And could you try to downclock your gfx card by 100 or 200 MHz? Just to at least eliminate this as a possible culprit. This issue can sometimes occur due to that.

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Good call, it seems to work now! I got past the intro. Thank you so much! ^^

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