Just bought the game on steam(CRASHING AT LAUNCH with FATAL ERROR)

Hello, I bought the game on steam and I downloaded the entire 33 gb of data but when I run it a window pops up saying “FATAL ERROR- UE4 conansandbox will now exit”. So I uninstalled and download it AGAIN but it still shows me the error. I really want to play this game and its been 5 days(my internet connection was slow). please help me should i refund it or not?

Do you have an overclocked graphics card?

Personally, if I was in your boat, I’d get a refund for now, then monitor these forums until most of the bugs have been ironed out then re-purchase the game when it’s in a sale.

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i running on a laptop with a 950m and its not unlocked. so no, its not overclocked
I can show you the crash report if it might help.

Are you sure you have the latest drivers for your card installed? I wouldn’t know what to look for in your logs files, sorry. When the crash box opens, be sure to submit it to Funcom, they claim to look at them and it may help them to stabilize the game.


let me see about the driver. I submitted around 10 times to funcom i was really pissed because i spent a lot of time downloading twice. So let me try updating my driver and see if tht helps.

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Also, If you’re unsure about your graphics drivers, you may also want to check you have ALL the latest drivers for your rig, sound card, chipset, network card, any issue with any outdated driver can cause crashes. Good luck.


Holy crap!Your a god mate!!! it works ;’)))) .Actually its embarrasing that only what i required was gpu driver update xD Thanks a ton mate! cheers! now to find some friends xD thanks again



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im kindof a noob but i can only see official servers. how can i connect yours? do i need to download a mod?

No mods, its in the PvE-C list

hmm cant seem to find it

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no can you add me
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