Crashing between zone transitions

Almost any time character transitions (teleports) between zones, it crashes going and upon arriving, then fine within the zone. Multiple computers since 9/27-ish.

Its been around from 2012 (TSW)… so its not a bug, its a feature. It was “relaunched” to SWL with other old TSW features.


Is it possible that the computers that are crashing share any windows or graphics card update around about that time? I had several crash issues after updating to the latest Windows 10 version, as in its infinite wisdom it also updated my Nvidia drivers.

I had to run it as Administrator initially, then when I updated to the latest Nvidia drivers the issue went away.

Hope you sort your problem, @Sawo is spot on in noting that the problem has been around forever, but often it is possible to get around it with the right combination. Takes in-game problem solving to new levels :stuck_out_tongue:

I had actually found out mine was crashing because I somehow went to full screen from my usual full screen (windowed).

Windowed keeps me from crashing during loading screens.