Game crashes while zoning

After the death of my SSD yesterday i had to reinstall win10 and graphic drivers. Since that the games starts crashing randomly, most times during zoning.
I learned fom another posting that I should use an older version of the nvidia drivers, but that leads to drama with another game I play which requires the latest drivers.
Could you please give me some advice what to do?


One quick thought; have you tried running the game as administrator? When I upgraded to Windows 10 I needed to start doing that to avoid crashes while zoning. Had to specifically right click and choose “Run as Administrator”, even though I was already on an admin account :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with it…

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Thank you for your response, i will give that a try

Since it has been a theme for a while, Any chance you use Nvidia for your graphics? Some games, SWL included, have had issues with the updates from a while back.

running the game as admin helps for a short while, game crashes are now more random. i tried to install an older version of nvidia graphics driver but it was not possible because it is not compatible with win 10 (it said during the compatibility test during installation).
I tried the repair function from the launcher and it seemed to help for about 45 min, then crashes happend more frequently.
I have chosen install complete client from the launcher.
Any ideas what else i could try?
Thanks for every answer.

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My bet is unfortunately on Nvidia, you need to go quite a number of updates back to get to a version that works =/. Sadly Nvidia seems like they don’t intent to do anything about it.

Alternatively to going the forum way, you can try send in a ticket to funcom at

Otherwise there are also a number of players over on the discord, that knows more about the version and what not, when it comes to the Nvidia problem. They might be able to help you too, if you join the SWL official discord =).

I’m not sure if my current Windows is up to date, but i haven’t updated my Nvidia since this whole thing started. My current Windows runs fine, as far as i can tell anyways.

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Thank you for your help.
Unfortunately nvidia will not let me install a former version of the driver saying that it is not compatible with my actual windows 10.

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Which version of Windows 10 are you running?

Version 1903. it is the new one. I have a msi geforce 770 which never caused any problem before. Ran it with win 10 (not the new version) and a former version of the driver.
Since i had all the system stuff on the SSD that died i had to reinstall everything but the game which i run on a WD black (works good, won’t change that so far).

Are you playing in DX9 ? Zoning crashes sound like DX9.

If you’re using DX11, be sure your Nvidia driver is at the 425.xx version.

If it’s the 430.xx version you’re running, or the most recent 431.xx, SWL won’t work properly in DX11.
You need to downgrade back to the 425.xx version.

You’ll probably need this tool to uninstall everything related to Nvidia : Display Driver Uninstaller
(I had the same compatibility error as you had, until I tried this tool)

Then download the 425.31 version of the display driver : Nvidia Driver Download

Install it - you need to check “clean install” and uncheck Geforce Experience
(GE is apparently allowed to force driver updates since Win 10 version 1903. It’s better to avoid it)