Crashing bugs in log in as well as near the shattered bridge


So i am playing online in an american server… Server 3818. Now this first glitch just started so it isn’t my first issue but is by far the largest issue. When i attempt to log into server 3818 it will load for a bit, Then i hear my character grunt only for the game to blue screen crash and have to reboot. I have tried 12 times to get back into the server.

The second issue is occuring on all american servers that i have seen so far. Anytime i go anywhere near the structure known as shattered bridge i perma freeze. I have to restart my app and some times it won’t even let me back into the game it perma freezes in the loading screen.

Is anyone else having either of these issues? Are the devs working on a fix for these problems perhaps? Maybe that would be why i can’t get back into my main server?


I am also having this issue me and 2 friends have froze near shattered bridge and can no longer join the server it just gives us a infinite loading screen


I am sorry your experiencing the same issue… But i am glad to hear i am not the only one experiencing this issue.


Yea!!! Its not just me!!!


lol. Well hopefully we can get a hotfix to save the noob masses!


Ok,I was wondering what was going on. I’m getting the same thing around this area. Locks up and I have to close game and wait to get back on.


Not sure about the broken bridge area you’re talking about, unless it’s that one right there after the desert spawn… but the blue screen load crashing is now preventing me from getting back into 3800, which is the server I spent all day working on and all my friends are on. It is really ■■■■■■■ me off. They need to add more official pvp servers ASAP


Yeah thats the one.


Same issue here can’t log in after a screen freeze into that specific server


Same here today 3 tribe mates crashed working our way down the river in the desert middle of map heading to broken bridge . Perma froze closed app tried to rejoin stuck in load screen 4 of my clan can no longer join game.