Crashing Client + rubberbanding

Sadly yet another request to fix the OLD bugs. Yet another time. A new lowbee, all setup, all nanos. Settings how I want it etcetc, boooom. All lost. Suggestions: 1 FIX the mysterious crashbug causing client to freeze (as a workaround implent a periodic character cache of settings or permanent if the crash cant be fixed). It’s so ANNOYING. I was at shop, rightclick nanos in inventory and all freeze. Also had rubberbanding for TWO days. Router restarted, none ispissues, brand new 5 ghz band dongle of known brand, still rubberbanding. This happens at ANY resolution, ANY settings. Doesn’t matter, it IS a client issue. Either lower the prices for the game in it’s current state or please get things in order already. Im about to consider going multilog on wow instead. Im tired of it. Sorry. Should think that these things would been fixed with the new engine and client, but NO… I am not impressed. Also about pricing, all other games has a lower fee. Even blizzard charges less for high end games.

Use the old client instead. No crashes. You can apply graphics tweaks to make it look more bearable too.