New Client Crashing/Hanging

I get the occasional crash where the screen freezes and I have to exit via task manager. I could go a few hours without it happening or it could happen multiple times within the span of a few minutes. I’ve followed Caloss2’s guide on the new client / nvidia control panel and nvidia inspector. Any other tweaks to get the new client more stable? I crashed while raiding in TotW which was a pain. Any specific graphics options I should have disabled? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

This has been happening to me as well. Random freezes where CPU spikes. Then eventually it goes back to normal.

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If you wait long enough does it unfreeze? Or do you have to force quit the game?

For me it does eventually unfreeze.

Mine crashes every time I try to re-enter the game after Alt-tabbing out of it. Sometimes after zoning also.

Try using borderless window mode instead of fullscreen. That fixed alt tabbing for me.

I can’t use windowed mode with my 4k monitor. The 1920x1080 resolution I use is a tiny window in that mode.

Window mode on the “new client” should do 4K. I know I use it in 3440x1440 without issue in just window mode (not borderless) and it’s been working fine for some time now.

I had the freezing for a minute or so recently, however I was installing something in the background and it hasn’t happened since. Maybe there’s a background task utilising your network connection as this is what it appears to have been for me.

The crashes are a “feature” of the new client. I guess the payroll ran out before they could tweak those bugs out, and they are sometimes predictable at certain locations (although even this can vary). I know Rome and Wailing Wastes can sometimes cause a freeze and crash quite regularly. As I say, I view them as “features” and just live with them to be able to play in the resolution I do.