New Client Crashing/Hanging


I get the occasional crash where the screen freezes and I have to exit via task manager. I could go a few hours without it happening or it could happen multiple times within the span of a few minutes. I’ve followed Caloss2’s guide on the new client / nvidia control panel and nvidia inspector. Any other tweaks to get the new client more stable? I crashed while raiding in TotW which was a pain. Any specific graphics options I should have disabled? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.


This has been happening to me as well. Random freezes where CPU spikes. Then eventually it goes back to normal.


If you wait long enough does it unfreeze? Or do you have to force quit the game?


For me it does eventually unfreeze.


Mine crashes every time I try to re-enter the game after Alt-tabbing out of it. Sometimes after zoning also.


Try using borderless window mode instead of fullscreen. That fixed alt tabbing for me.


I can’t use windowed mode with my 4k monitor. The 1920x1080 resolution I use is a tiny window in that mode.