[Other] Rome Red client derp


The client doesn’t crash as you can fully interact with no animations and no updates to anything as long as you do not zone, which lets you sit and exit as normal. If you zone the client will freeze and will need to force close the client.


Are you using the new engine beta client? If so, this is unfortunately a known issue.
The old engine client does not have the problem.

On a related note, @Caloss2 made a great video on optimising the new engine client to run better. Although it doesn’t fix the crashing in Rome Red, it does improvement performance and stability a good bit.


I think I found what cause’s the issue. I disabled ’ Liquid Animation ’ in settings and have not had the issue since.


Indeed i did that after reading ur post, and had not one crash since then.
Not in Rome, not in The Reck and not in Broken Shores.
Don’t want to cheer to early, but it seems like it fixed my issues.


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