Crashing EVERY time I engage in combat or hunting

Since the major update, I can’t fight fight or hunt ANYTHING without crashing to desktop. For one, I noticed that my characters body isn’t rezzed completely. It’s a bit blurry, everything else is clear. I can gather, I can mine I can build. As soon as my arrow hits a target, I crash. As soon as I’m about to strike an opponent, I crash.

I’ve verified my files and even reverified later on and still the same thing. Even started a new game with new character and I’m still crashing. I’d love to get in and play. Any idea what could be the issue? Do I have to uninstall and reinstall from the get go? I’d hate to do that. Graphics drivers are up to date as well. I’m no expert, so if I’m missing something, let me know please.

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Same problem. It also crashes if I’m running away and get attacked. Basically any time I make violent contact with anything in the game. Fresh install, all drivers up to date, new character.

Also crashed when I got into combat and climbed a wall to prevent getting hit so the game wouldn’t crash. I was on the wall, safe, and it crashed.

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