Crashing Multiple Clients


I just returned to AO, and i play froob mostly on multiple accounts on the same pc in windowed, and im having problems with the old client crashing, alot
It happens if i play with one window open, or 3, it happens if i launch all 3 windows from the same client, and it happens if i launch 3 windows from 3 different clients, from 3 different installs.
I have tried installing DGVoodoo2, and tried almost every possible setting.
I have tried installing Reshade, and ProcessLasso
I have tried it on 2 different gamer desktops, 1 workcomputer and my laptop
I have forced my brother to try it on his PC
I have updated every driver I, and google could come up with
And it still wont let me play more than 5-10 mins befor crashing, the more clients i use the faster it crashes, i can never log in my full team befor the first team member DC and then the 2nd, and so on
It dosent send or gives me a crash report, i just suddently closes one of the clients, and opens the launcher where i can press “play” or “settings”

Am i missing somthing?
Or is there some other way of making this work, cuz i can see other people ingame where it does work :slight_smile:

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