Rubi-ka 2019 Client Crashing

Hey guys,
anyone else experiencing instant crash while entering the arrival hall after every character creation please?

Running the latest large client with new engine.

Thanks, Hell

After a while trying to figure out what is happening I got nowhere close to dont crash. I have tried most of the variations how to run the game. I noticed couple of weird things though:

1] I can create a character, pick an appearance, pick a profession and name the character.
2] After the crash while trying to log the character, all of them I created has default appearance, no profession chosen but are supposed to be logged off in the arrival hall.

Bro new client is trash, just use the old client.

Did you just return to the game? If yes: Sounds like a problem with access on the system. Maybe try running it as an Administrator, as this sounds like the client can’t write the prefs folder, which is saved under c:/users/username/appdata/local/funcom/ or something.

Downloading it now, crossing fingers. Old client feels like Atari to me tho…

Still only one experiencing this problem?

I have installed an old client, did not solve the problem.
I re-patched all I could, running as an admin, my prefs are created in the folder.
Is there a log file after every crash?

Hey, did you have to get a new subscription for this server? My subscription is valid until June 2019.

31/07/2019 and game RK2019 crash several times in hour every day for months!
No matter what to do… Run as Admin/New nVidia drivers/Reset PC several times/No backround clients (AOIA/ClickSaver) …
Horrilbly play. I found my char reclaim w/o any buffs/XP/GUI reset/Loot rotten Missions timed out/ …
I paid 1 year of this s***t ?!?!?
Where is my money!!!

@Kontio As adviced above, make sure to use the old, non-beta, client.

Assuming you are on the old client: when you crash, does it show a message saying you crashed, or a message saying you got disconnected or something else?
Can you rule out a poor network connection?

I use new engine. nVidia 1070, Intel i7, 16MB ram, 4xSSD (os+games), 2xHDD (backup). Network runs 90,6/10,2 Mbps (verified by Elisa).
Popup window says: “AO Crashed, do you want to sent report. Thank You!” Thats all, no cause.
I sending that daam report every time :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

btw. If you add some extra words to the report AND you just hit enter its delete that error report. “Quit” -button is selected by default. Soo wierd GUI in that situation. Seems FC don’t want to get AO Crashed!!! -reports :skull_and_crossbones:

btw2. I tried all Caloss2 nVidias tricks. Old monitor was HD (1920x1024), new is 4k (3840x2860). Up-/downscaling, Display/GPU do scaling. No success. Windowed or fullscreen. No matter. G-Sync or not. No matter. Other games? Only AO crashed, no my other games.
Its just a feature? Extra juice to the game, never known whats happening like IRL :crazy_face:

Try installing this version of directx.

Now I can play hours w/o crashing and duallogged !

(what might be difference inside that version of DirectX :thinking: )

Afaik Win10 has directx 12 on board and has just a compatibility layer for older directx 9 games.
Seems this layer ist not perfect and misses some DLL’s which are needed for AO to run flawless.

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