Unable to play on Rubi-Ka 2019

My account is a paid account, I have all expansions on it with characters above lvl 200. I am able to log onto Rubi-Ka.
I was able to play on Rubi-Ka 2019 up until yesterday when it suddenly gave me the error “No access to dimension”.

Might or might not be unrelated but the billing for this particular account has been buggy, though as mentioned I am able to join Rubi-Ka.

I sent a support ticket yesterday, two infact but only because I did not receive the confirmation e-mail for the first until later and I thought I had typed my e-mail wrong. I have not yet received a reply and with the weekend coming up I worry I won’t get to play, so I am being impatient and making this post in hopes it’ll speed up the process of getting my account fixed.

Hey there @Radray, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your account access. While we can’t resolve billing issues through the forums (nor will posting on the forums circumvent the queue) I can at least confirm your two tickets were received in our system and will be answered as quickly as possible. We’re pretty backed up right now due to the response we’ve gotten from the new server, which mean wait times are longer than you (or we) would like. I know it sucks to wait, but we’ll work to get to you as quickly as possible.

I understand, thank you for your reply

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I just wanted to see this^ Now I can ease off.

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