Paid for one month on a free account, cannot access rubike2019

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Any way to make this work?

Submit a ticket and wait for a miracle.

I am sorry to hear that, but the forum is not the right place for account or payment problems.

As in the Quote above me, the only correct way is the Email Ticket System.

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I did submit a ticket. I thought it was a well known issue.

Super poor customer management. Coming back after 10+ year for this mockery and paying 17 euros. Asking more than modern mmos and you can’t even let players play.

Actually I think this was MY fault, not someone else’s.

What happened?

If you can’t see the dropdown menu for the new server, try a different resolution on your screen. The launcher scales badly with high resolutions :sweat:

If you shift-tab in the launcher window, the dropdown will come up.

Issue appears to be resolved. If this issue persists, please create a new topic.