Creating stained glass windows

Just a thought, since we already have glass as a feature in the game. Would hope maybe in a future update to have stained glass as an added feature. Just wanna create a cathedral like area for my shrines. Or create more realistic type of housing. Perhaps make certain walls with better window sizes, or have windows be able to fill in gaps between walls no further than 2 blocks apart from a wall. Not asking for it to be anytime soon, I’m sure other stuff takes priority and they have their own ideas. Just spit balling some of my own. ^^

Just an opinion on to create it. Glass from the smelter. Then flowers+Grinder = Dust. Take dust add it to the artisan bench. Or Add dust to the smelter to certain glass to change their color, then choose which type of window you’d create in the artisan bench. (Pretty much how the torches work with their colors)


I would abselutely love this!

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Glass windows would be awesome, stained glass even better. I suggested this myself when I was first getting into the game, though there are some concerns about whether it would be lore appropriate. If you ask me, wizard did it.

Now I don’t care because of the fabulous mod Glass Constructions, though this isn’t ideal as it doesn’t benefit console users or those on official servers. It’s also possible to use Pippi to add a stained glass effect to the panels from Glass Construction, though again, this may not be of help, depending on one’s circumstances and preferences.


Oh wow, that mod looks awesome. Yeah I’ve only played Official, I haven’t tried joining someone a community server. Might have to take a look into this. Thanks for posting it!

in Red Sonja i think there was coloured glassworks in various shots in the film, (that seems to unofficially have conan as a kaledor cross-over character?) - either way that was a good film too :slight_smile:

btw, on another thread about statues, i posted an idea about re-using dyes in different ways,
basically adding an extra recipe or 2 in the game, but now with your thread here, maybe the idea below can also be used to create “stained glass” :slight_smile:

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Anything to see through the wall or ceiling without allowing access to your stuff would be nice and has been mentioned in other threads here before. Stained or regular glass or even bars, something would be nice!

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