Crom Coins not added

2days ago I purchased 5040 Crom coins, in order to buy the Vendhyan Treasure Hunter set currently sold in the bazaar.
But not to my surprise, the coins didn’t get added to my account.
I tried everything, restarting the game, rebooting console etc, to no prevail.
So I contacted Funcom thru Zendesk, attachhng the screen shot of the purchase info.
It’s been 2 days now, and still no response.
I’ve have this problem before, and they normally
would get back in at the most 24hours.
What else am I suppose to do?
The ticket No. is 152786


Did you send it under the purchases title? @iwamitsu That is something I have heard Forum admin mention.

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Yes, I submitted it under IN GAME PURCHASE.
Why would it take so long to do just one simple adjustment.
After spending so much time and hard earned money on this game, it feels they dont care to help
their customers.
Thanks for your response, at least I know somebody has seen this post!

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From what I have read this is one of the things that get fixed fast and people are pleased with.

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After today’s hotfix, I thought that would solve the problem, unfortunately it didn’t, and still no response.

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Thank you for tagging us! We asked our team over at the Help Center to search for the mentioned ticket number and address it as soon as possible.

We appreciate your support and understanding while we reviewed this matter.