Crystalised flame gone suggestions for secondary for AR and build inquires

Hello, I recently came back to this game when I realized a friend used to play and we decided to restart.

I planned on following the build for AR + Elementalism from this guys channel with a youtube video called " Secret World Legends SWL Schmidy’s guide to Assault Rifle DPS". Compares to some of the builds and rotations I have read this guy seems to have a lot more to his work. But the stuff is from 2017 and looks like Crystalised Flame is gone and replaced with a pet skill that from forum posts I have read seems to not be that great.

Any suggestions on what to replace it with or a alternative build that looks as fun as this guys?


Is there any resource out there like the above channel? seems like all the builds i see are either a) a couple years old or b) dont have this level of thought and detail put into as this dude does on his channel. Of course im a noob so maybe these builds suck and are outdate so let me know! Thanks.

The abilities only changed today, they’ve been static for the last 2 years so there hasn’t really been any need for updated builds. They’ll happen soon though, just today in particular is not the time to ask.

For Assault Rifle, instead of a KSR, look out for either a High-Yield Launcher or Auxiliary Loader of Destruction Mk III. You won’t be able to launch fully cooked grenades as soon as they’re loaded, like you could with the KSR, but you’ll deal more damage as long as you wait for the grenades to cook.

For Elementalism, if you get yourself an Orochi Thermal Capacitor, replace the Crystallised Flame ability with Mjolnir. Expend your Elementalism Energy every 25 seconds. Cast another Mjolnir in the mean time if your Energy fully replenishes before the buff becomes active again (or else, you lose out on Energy that could have been spent later in a fight). Alternatively, Voltaic Shunt works in much the same way, except you cast a Mjolnir every 9 - 10 seconds, and expend additional Energy to maintain your Heat levels. It does, however, take more conscious awareness to optimize in this way for similar results.

Edit: I meant Orochi Thermal Capacitor

I thought it was called a capacitor, or something, now instead of inverter.

didnt realize it was the day i posted this, that would explain it lol. Appreciate you letting me know.

This is not worth doing as it delays your next burst (you’ll have to get to 15 ele energy and Vali ready in order to be able to fire 4 Mjolnirs in a row under the Capacitor buff) and you’re not under the Capacitor buff, hence the damage increase from regular heat being quite negligible on lower heat thresholds. The TLDR is that if your energy is fully replenished, that basically means the Capacitor buff is back up and ready (or will be very soon) and you should perform a full Mjolnir burst.

To be fair, his Youtube videos are indeed very well made and explain builds very well. However, the information in them is not only very outdated, but is sometimes inaccurate from the get go. Unfortunately, there are no better ressources for builds meanwhile. I might try to find out more free time to make something about it though.

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Thanks for the correction. I misunderstood how the Capacitor worked.

Np, basically the time you need to regen full 15 ele Energy (with 1 Vali usage during that time) is roughly the time it takes for the Capacitor buff to get back up and ready.

For the sake of energy control I use the 5 energy single target damage from the primary weapon and the 3 energy aoe damage from the secondary. Overload is one of the three strongest elites and preceded by the flashpoint buff you add 65% as if you had max heat without caring what your heat actually is. This would make my build look like…
Rifle - Elemental Build
basic - rifle (prob leeching ray for very light heals)
flashpoint - buff
overload - elite
incendiary grenade - consume grenades
chain lightning - 3ep power aoe (good range)
burst fire (iirc) - 5ep power 1v1 (will load grenades)

On my rifle it takes a grenade one sec to cook once it loads, whether this comes from the rifle or passives i don’t really care.
Because these power attacks are fast this can give you better burst dps but for sustained damage an energy gadget or some basic use is needed. At times I intentionally use channeled attacks so that my energy will last 20 sec for cd resets. This will make the rotation more fluid.