Crystallized Blaze and the Orochi Thermal Capacitor

It looks like Crystallized Blaze (and probably any longer than 3.5s elemental ability) gets entirely buffed by the Orochi Thermal Capacitor for the whole 10s of its duration, instead of being only buffed for 3.5s.

Here’s a parse showing it, sorted by time, from bottom to top:

As you can see, if we discard the critical ticks, the first tick deals 2300 damage (at the bottom), while the last tick deals 2460 damage (at the top).

Here’s a different parse where i used Mjolnir and then followed it up by Crystallized Blaze:

Results seem to be similar - all the ticks from Crystallized Blaze are buffed.

Last parse - i’ve triggered the buff with a Mjolnir, waited until the buff faded, and then put Crystallized Blaze down - this time, we can clearly see the difference in damage:


I’d guess that all of the crystallised manifestations have the same thing, (probably blizzard too,) as it looks at what the strength should be when it’s cast rather than being actively buffed. If the buff is active then the manifestation itself is stronger when cast.
Otherwise triggering the buff with CBlaze should then buff its own damage after the first tick, which doesn’t seem right.

Pretty much. That’s called snapshotting. Some dots might work in the same way, didn’t really check though.