Curios of our time

So, Has anyone gotten any of these gear bits to drop?

the gears I believe you can only get from opening caches

I think they’re referring to the agent achievement “Curios of Our Time”, which requires collecting six unique agent items:

  • Danny’s RC Plane
  • Hawthorn’s Bible
  • Khalid’s Staff
  • Madam Roget’s Crystal Ball
  • Nassir’s Rifle
  • Old Joe’s Dreamcatcher

I have seen none of these either personally or by link. I would guess they might rarely drop from purple agent equipment bags, which occasionally appear on T5 missions that none of my agents can even attempt.

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I was guessing as much, but figured it was worth asking.
I also saw orange gear listed on tswdb.
Items that would give a bonus trait and 100 to a specific stat
So far the best ive gotten from from agent mission gear bags was a purple

Orange gear can drop from (at least) blue gear bags, possibly even from greens. It’s just very rare.

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Just short of a year since Network introduction, has anyone found one of these items?

Ive only seen Khalids staff drop for someone in the cabal which sold for close to 3mil on AH other then that no.

I have seen Khalid’s Staff linked on trade channel, I will not name the owner but you know him, I am sure.
He was asking like 5 mill for it.
He claimed he got it as an Agent Mission reward.

Thanks, i’m glad that their existence in-game can be confirmed.
At this point i’m assuming those particular Agent Missions are the gold T5 urgent ones that reward the purple agent gear bags.
Also i’m thinking that the curios themselves are probably just exotic version of the standard agent items we’ve already seen ;

  • Nassir’s Rifle / Specialised Weaponry
  • Madam Roget’s Crystal Ball / Crystal Ball
  • Danny’s RC Plane / Tactical Survey Drone
  • Hawthorn’s Bible / Occult Lexicon

Although, as to Khalid’s Staff and Old Joe’s Dreamcatcher being versions of the Military-Grade Breaching Robot and a Utility Belt, i guess it depends upon which one is more likely to provide prowess in addition to adaptability.