Curios of our time


So, Has anyone gotten any of these gear bits to drop?


the gears I believe you can only get from opening caches


I think they’re referring to the agent achievement “Curios of Our Time”, which requires collecting six unique agent items:

  • Danny’s RC Plane
  • Hawthorn’s Bible
  • Khalid’s Staff
  • Madam Roget’s Crystal Ball
  • Nassir’s Rifle
  • Old Joe’s Dreamcatcher

I have seen none of these either personally or by link. I would guess they might rarely drop from purple agent equipment bags, which occasionally appear on T5 missions that none of my agents can even attempt.


I was guessing as much, but figured it was worth asking.
I also saw orange gear listed on tswdb.
Items that would give a bonus trait and 100 to a specific stat
So far the best ive gotten from from agent mission gear bags was a purple


Orange gear can drop from (at least) blue gear bags, possibly even from greens. It’s just very rare.