This is this and this is...?


So, my lovely but stat-deprived Faction Recruit just turned 50 the other day and under the 5 diamond mission page, I’ve seen a few missions come up with an Agent Vanity Reward Bag as one of the “probably not a chance in hell you’re getting this” rewards. See below:


Notice, this is not the same bag as the blue gear reward bag we’ve been seeing so far:


As it turns out, Faction Recruit just has no business at all trying to pick this up. I can’t even get her stats up enough, yet, while wearing gear to be able to click the button that would send her off for this mission, so what I am wondering is… what IS this? Seriously, I have to know. It’s so mysterious and so …seemingly unobtainable. Has anyone opened one of these yet? Please share :heavy_heart_exclamation::intel:


have sent agents on these missions now (4 or 5 so far) never won one yet…yet


Well, there are the sprints “Rocketeers Pack” and “Shocking Steps” that come from the Agent Network, but not from any of the achievements associated with it. And given the fact that there are outfits for the achievement there’s probably a few more in there as well. :wink:


don’t remind me! I saw those on the sprint list and was MUST. HAVE.


I feel your pain.


There are Platinum skins for weapons available through the Agent Network as well.