Customisable/editable notes/items or something along those lines?

Hey there!

I’ve recently become an admin on a private server and would love to set up dungeons for the players where they can complete quests within those dungeons for rewards.

For example: “Bring me the head of Punky the Punkiness”
Punky the Punkiness could only be found at the end of a dungeon i’d build for the players.

Now all I would really need for this to happen is not an actual head but say a note or something that could be found on the defeated corpse that I could edit myself as an admin that the players couldn’t edit after finding it that specifically says “This is the head of Punky the Punkiness: Unique code: 281743” or something along those lines.

The unique code aspect could be a specific number i’ve personally decided on myself to make sure the players are actually bringing me back the specific head that I want instead of creating an imitation note.

They could then bring that note to me/screenshot it to complete the quest and reap the rewards.

Maybe this already exists somehow and i’m not aware but I feel like this kind of feature could open up so many more possibilities for private servers.

Anyway, community/forum admins, lemme know your thoughts!

Mr Triggers

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