Customized waypoints for all the important stuff (by Yorgomir)

I did not find this on this forum, so just reposting from the old forum to save it.
Not my work, all credit to Yorgomir

Hi folks,

since I was bored of the loads of ugly grey dots on my maps, I started digging a bit into the waypoints and wanted to share my findings:
one actually can change the icon for it and it has some possible tooltip as well…

here’s what I did so far for Northern Grasslands:

it’s quite some work - a.t.m. I’m only using already existing images, but this probably could be custom images as well

one drawback though, which is quite annoying: whenever you delete (and prob. also create new) waypoints via the map in game, all the customized icons are gone, deleted from the xml :-/

if you want to try this out yourself:

Northern Grasslands
Field of the Dead

  • you need to save those files there: C:\Users<your windows user name>\AppData\Local\Funcom\Conan\Prefs<your AoC account name>\Waypoints
  • if you don’t have that folder, chances are that you never created a waypoint
  • if there already is a file with that name, maybe open the two (“my” version and “yours”) in a text editor and merge their contents…

tell me what you think :slight_smile:


/updates as the thread progresses…

this is a screenshot of how the customized icons in Field of the Dead look a.t.m.:

(end of historical content…)

Latest Version
get it here (needs aoc.exe - see instructions below): download


  • All areas covered!
  • contains all WPs I found for the following (along with selfmade* custom icons):
    treasure chest
    bane of … achievement target
    target of interest
    leap of faith
    excavator achievement
    shrine (forgotten gods)
    racing start/finish
    open raid (Golem)
    Jiang Shi symbols
    few hard-to-find questmarkers
  • colored tooltips/map labels
  • does not interfere with custom waypoints
  • most of the items reveal detailed information upon mouse-over’ing (e.g. the number of the treasure, which bane-of-xxx this target belongs to)
  • some items have no (treasure) or limited (excavator, target of interest) name in close-up zoom - just mouse-over it

*) selfmade icons meaning: I explicitly looked for non-copyrighted/free-to-use source images, then I basically rescaled/polished them to look nice…

  • the panorama icon actually is my very own creation - source material was a self-made screenshot


  • the information at the bginning of this starter post is a bit outdated, so are the screenshots; I nevertheless keep it as it is, so you can follow the progression of this work…
  • the download link will always get you the latest version, please only use this one


  • create the following directory, if not already present: \Data\Gui\Aoc
  • extract the content of the download archive from above into that directory (so you have “\Data\Gui\Aoc\Yorgomir WP.…”)
  • download aoc.exe → click (you need this version or later for some waypoints to work properly)
  • run aoc.exe as Administrator
  • run Age of Conan

Updated Screenshots:


Nious has some extras for the newer maps, so get them there : [waypoints][eng] Update Waypoint - Alliance Francophone Interguilde Age of Conan