D3D - REMOVED Crash bug


I had this same problem a little while back your hard drive maybe starting to fail


Still an issue. Cannot play on my machine (my husband and I are sharing his machine until this issue is fixed - we would prefer to play co-op, but currently, thanks tot his bug, we are unable to.)


I mostly have the stutter issue, no crashing though, aside form also freezing when loging in. Unsure about it having to do with the hard drive because I ran the game from my hdd, then transfered it and ran it off an ssd, issue persisted.

My specs:
AMD FX-8350
GTX 980


Still an issue.
On the funny side, I’ve started doing what I have dubbed the “Conan Exiles workout”
Its a short workout that I do while waiting for the game to load. Game crashes, as expected, I restart, get to the selection screen, make my selection, then, while waiting for load, I do another set of exercises. Game crashes again, repeat.
On set #4 now. If things keep on as they are, my flabby self will be ripped by October.
(as a side note, the game works, mostly, fine on my husband’s machine. We take turns there, so I do my exercises while trying to get onto MY machine.)


Did a system restore, reinstalled windows, steam, Conan, etc. Very little on my machine.
Still getting this crash bug.

Seemed more stable early on, did not crash when I engaged 1 or 2 exiles, but then it did crash when I got near many exiles (approached/entered a settlement)

Game was on lowest settings, full screen mode, with nothing else running aside from Steam, and general background processes, like antivirus, etc.

I have uninstalled it on my computer, and will no longer be attempting logins for the foreseeable future.


Yep! Geforce experience is spyware now.
Uninstall it ASAP.
Phoning home to mother never helps bandwidth.
There is an app I use to stop Windblows 10 spying, all of it. Spybot Anti-Beacon works on all 154 Windblows 10 spying activities. Frees up some internet latency by canceling all the ‘phone home to mother’ reporting it does.


Notice the ‘Clean Install’ part.
It will delete all the old driver files.
You may have to go into Nvidia Control Panel and put your game back into it.
Remove Geforce Experience, it is spyware.