D912pxy to work in SWL. Possible or Impossible?

Me and many others have issues with the game working without stuttering and such,

so playing Guild Wars 2 for a long time, been wondering since i am playing GW2 wonder if the mod i am using will work on Secret World Legends, the mod being d912pxy!

the thing is that some people on SWL and even on TSW have issues with either DX9 or DX11 ingame,

so i wondered yet again, if we just used DX9 ingame, but inject DX12 into the game another way, will it make the game respond better, i mean surely it would, as the game would be much better off.

as reports are the DX9 sometimes works more better than DX11 in SWL and TSW, i just wish i could test the theory.

So, i don’t know how to code and let alone to try to make this mod work with the game, as the file tree of SWL is complicated to my knowledge. i am calling on fans of SWL to try to make this mod actually work, or to get data on what it actually does, if anything, on performance.

I know this is a massive ask, but D912PXY could resolve the issues with the game, not totally but take some of the edge off, keep FPS high and stable, this probably will not fix the crashes, but to make it more playable. with DX9 with DX12 performance.

megai2 on github, made the mod. but is it possible to work on SWL, since the game uses DX9. i have asked this same question on Steam and Reddit.

Below is taken from Github

d912pxy is a way to make games that use DirectX 9 use DirectX 12 instead, without changing any game code.

This is specifically designed for Guild Wars 2. “You can try to use it with other games; it might work.”

Tool will show overlay when it installed correctly, use default hotkey Ctrl+Alt+N to toggle its mode (hide/show)

Hi there, Linux user here.

As I get it, d912pxy is a wrapper that turns DirectX 9 calls to dx12 calls, which can improve performances in some cases.

Here on Linux, there is not DirectX, it’s Microsoft patented; we got the choice between OpenGL & Vulkan API. So, to play games, I’m using a wrapper “DXVK” that turns dx calls to Vulkan.
Now does it improve performances ? On Linux for sure. On Windows ? I doubt about it.
I made a thread about DXVK use on Windows, you’re welcome to read it, but afaik, windowsians who tried didn’t get any perf improvement.

Also, SWL can be runned w/o crashing, but is awfully sensitive to drivers used. I haven’t had a crash using nvidia drivers 460.xx, but the game would crash/freeze if I use nvidia drivers 470.xx

TL; DR: Dont expect miracles by using d912py, game has bad code quality, only Funcom devs can change that.